Burton X Hellotittie: Celebrating Women In The Arts

For the first time Hellotittie collaborated with an established snowboard company, Burton, at their NYC flagship store in SOHO Manhattan. This event was a huge success! A lot of people came out to show their support to the 11 artists being featured. In the event there were 22 pieces of artwork being displayed on the wall as soon as guest arrived. What would a Hellotittie event be without live painters? A total of four live painters (Epiphany Bradshaw, Alyssa Capri, Catdactyl and Amara Martin) drew on Burton snowboards, there was hair braiding, sponsored drinks by Owls Brew, Recess and JuneShine. There was also a live DJ by the name of Julianne who played an all female music mix with songs by Missy Elliott, Ciara, Mya, Rihanna, Beyoncé, etc. The night was just EPIC! Everyone who attended loved the music, conversed with the artists, won free raffles prizes by Hellotittie and Susan&Me. Towards the ending of the night all artist got a change to speak to everyone on behalf of their artwork and a few pieces were sold.

Get To Know Each Artist

  • Maryam Jones

    Maryam Adib (Mah-Ree-Yum, Ah-deeb) is an artist currently practicing in Ithaca, NY. She is a student at SUNT Cortland, majoring in Fine Arts (BFA) and minoring in Political Economy. Her art is primary oil and watercolor paint, she also draws in pen and ink. IN her work Maryam explores themes of nature, humanity, the subconscious, dreams and issues of class and race. She is also a muralist, who uses her murals to bring social awareness and are justice based; focusing on: race community and class. Public art is important to Maryam because she believes art should be accessible to everyone and not hidden in galleries which can only be accessed by a few people. She believes art can be used to express, inspire and provoke thought, and that is what she wishes to bring to the world with her work.

  • Epiphany Bradshaw

    Epiphany Bee is an artist and interior designer who was born in Houston, Texas but raised in The Bronx, New York. She works with acrylic on canvas as well as vinyl and resin sculptures and is best known for her colorful, and nostalgic style mashups, her collaboration with local hip-hop artists, and her lifelong dedication to the visual arts. What she aspires to do, is create contemporary art for all generations, in hopes that everyone can come together to relate to and appreciate fine art in a world that is mainly digital. Epiphany’s talents and entrepreneurial ventures is bringing her brand up to the next level in the art industry. She is not only an artist and creative, but an inspiration for the up and coming young art professionals, all while changing the culture and need for art not just for this generation but all generations.

  • Alyssa Capri

    Alyssa Capri is a mixed media artist living in New York. Her work captures femininity and vulnerability. Mixing texture and form, Capri wants her audience to consider the honest and intimate spaces of being.

  • Catdactyl

    Catdactyl focuses on creating artwork that embodies one’s evolution into a state of heightened awareness - that Eureka moment that puts a sparkle in your eye. The artwork celebrates determination, wisdom, nostalgia, self-worth, and mischief. Under her given name Anca Risca, Catdactyl also serves as a full time Creative Director at the animation studio Nathan Love, and is an instructor at the School of Visual Arts.

  • Jennifer Jimenez

    Jennifer Jimenez grew up in the neighborhood of Harlem in NYC. She can be described as an overall artist—a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. While growing up her favorite subject in school was art. What draws her to art is the freedom of expression that comes with it. Music also plays a large role in her artwork along with being inspired by art icons such as Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jennifer intends to spread her personal slogan, “Aim For The HeART,” to create an emotional connection between her and the audience. She loves to inspire others and has hopes of having artwork hung/worn across the globe.

  • Emily Lamb

    Emily Lamb is an artist from a coastal Connecticut town who is currently based in Albany, New York where she attended and graduated with a BFA in 2017. She is a surrealist painter who works in oil and gouache and has been experimenting with soft sculptures. The inspiration behind her art is that she moved a lot as a child and always had the vastness of the ocean to escape to until she moved to the city for school. The difference in pace and space has led her to explore and contemplate the spaces our bodies inhabit as well as the relations between other bodies. Our bodies are our personal landscapes, ever changing and deteriorating, impermanent. She has experienced the impermanence of people as well as places, the ocean being a dependable constant and a soothing force that continues to inspire her.

  • Amara Martin

    Amara Skye is an up and coming New York/ New Jersey based artist. Born in California, and granddaughter to an EGOT-winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winner), she has been submerged in a world of art. Inspired by the work of Basquiat, Patrick Martinez, Jackson Pollack, Retna and Georgia O’Keefe, Skye aims to fuse the tones of graffiti and abstract art. Skye starts every day off by reciting the motto she lives by… “Skeezy Does It.” Her art is described as vibrant, vivid and loud. She uses her bright colors and encrypted images to engage her audience, making them take a double look at them. Her art can express what people are thinking or things we go through. She does this to let the audience feel like they can relate and be understood, to create a connection between artist and audience. Skye’s art is a window to her private and personal thoughts, and when she isn’t painting, she is parenting; her daughter Charli-Rose has become a new muse for her work.

  • AsGo

    Amaris is an artist who is known by the name Asgo! She was born and raised in Harlem, NY, and was inspired and encouraged by her mother to create freely from a young age. Asgo has a passion for body positivity, the female anatomy and freedom of expression. Her artwork is colorful, eye catching, and imaginative. Asgo creates to express her confidence, femininity and curiosity. She hopes to inspire and spark wonder in others.

  • Tyler Perez

    Tyler “Tye” Christina Perez is a self-taught mixed-media visual Afro-Latina artist and Brooklyn native, now located in Hampton Roads, VA. Her artistic concept is to capture shared experiences and emotions in a fluid, abstract way, and continuous patterns to portray the impression of immortality and perception; which will allow the viewer to come up with their own interpretation of each piece.

  • Dominique Stanley

    Dominique Stanley is a 27-year-old Bronx, NY raised artist who specializes in art representing sneakers and women empowerment. She believes art can change the world and can send messages that cannot be expressed verbally. She aspires to inspire other young women who are growing and finding themselves. Her love for fashion is exemplified in her work as well. She paints clothes, homes, footwear, furniture, bodies, etc.

  • Vanessa Torres

    Vanessa Torres is an artist and designer, who was born and raised New York. She has a long dedication to the visual arts. Vanessa’s work—which can be described as vibrant and edgy—reflects art, realism and pop culture. Her realistic style has identified her as being able to bring other people’s memories to life. As an artist she works with acrylic on canvas as well as mixed media on canvas. She aspires to create bright and stimulating art for all age groups, in the hopes that they can relate and appreciate visual art in a time where everything is now digitized.