7th Annual Creative Chicks

Creative Chicks is an all-female group exhibit that seamlessly weaves together diverse art forms to showcase the creative talents of women. The event features a group of exceptionally passionate women creators who are dedicated to their craft and strive to push boundaries with their unique artistry.

Meet Our visual artists

Amara Skye

Amara Skye is an up and coming New York/ New Jersey based artist, who has been submerged in a world of art.

Inspired by the work of Basquiat, Patrick Martinez, Jackson Pollack, Retna and Georgia O’Keefe, Skye aims to fuse the tones of graffiti and abstract art.

Amaris Orama

Amaris Orama, a Harlem native and creative who goes by the artist name AsGo! Loves trying different mediums and finding new ways to express her individuality. To encourage body positivity, and the freedom to create through art is her main goal. Obsessed with colors, the anatomy of the body and all things divine feminine.

Bonnie Zhou

Bonnie Zhou is a neurodivergent, Brooklyn-based artist born in Toronto, Canada. She creates bold and whimsical figure paintings exploring freedom, sensuality, and release. Her artwork is largely inspired by her spiritual explorations through her own body as a dancer, including grappling with body image, sensuality, femininity and personal power, as an Asian woman. She continues to do through painting what she has always strived to do through dance: release and express all the emotions we are taught to hide and suppress.

Delainy Faña

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith is a visual artist and entrepreneur from the south side of Chicago. She creates artwork to uplift and celebrate Black people and culture. Her central focus is showing positive representation through her art so that those in her community can see themselves in her work.

Kiarra Elliot

Born and raised in Southern California but now residing in New York City as an adult Kiarra started her interest in the arts at an early age. She embraced her artist journey even more in high school while attending a performing arts high school focusing on visual arts. She continued her studies in the arts into college, and in 2013 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts. At the end of her college career, she found herself asking the question more and more - " Where are the representation of my people or those that look like myself and my family?" How can she create work that is both unique, empowering, and spark conversations, while also keeping our environment in mind? These very questions sparked the creation of Afrocentric Keyy.

Latifah ShaDae

Latifah ShaDae’ is a visual artist from Brooklyn, NY. She’s been an artist since a toddler creating art on anything from building blocks to cardboard boxes. Never attending an art school during her youth, it was easy to stray away from the arts. It wasn’t until 2015 that Latifah started taking her art seriously after attending a sip n paint for the first time. From there it’s been all about art and perfecting her craft, showing her admiration for the black woman and the culture. Latifah has created murals with Groundswell Murals in NYC and showcases her artwork at art shows and galleries around NYC and NJ. You’ll find her attending art shows, galleries, and museums with her two year old daughter, Royal around the city.

Maya Nicole

Maya Nicole is a born and bred New Yorker who has made a name for herself as an intuitive and abstract artist. Self-taught, Maya's art is an expression of her most vulnerable parts. Her works explore themes of self-acceptance, grief, sexuality, and the feminine figure. Maya's art is not only visually stunning but also evocative, drawing viewers into a deeper exploration of their own emotions and experiences. Maya's art is a reflection of her free spirit and uninhibited creativity, as she refuses to be bound by conventional rules and limitations. Her works are a riot of color, texture, and form that draw inspiration from the world around her, as well as her own vivid imagination. Her tagline, "DEFINED," reflects her belief that nothing in life is one thing alone, and that each individual is a complex and multifaceted being. Maya Nicole is a rising talent in the art world. Her work has been exhibited in exhibitions across the country, and her message of self-acceptance and self-exploration resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Rosa Fortys

Rosa Fortys is a New York-based artist who primarily works with watercolors and acrylics. Her paintings explore the sacred roots of modern religious traditions, the fraught place of immigrants in America, and ordinary scenes of domestic life suffused with mythological iconography. Her vibrant use of color lifts meditations on grief and displacement into the realm of the ecstatic.

Samantha Felix

Samantha is a self taught visual artist from Queens, New York. She has been creating art ever since she was a child. Samantha’s art focuses on capturing the beauty of a woman’s form in its rawest essence. She works with a variety of mediums which include acrylic, oil, charcoal, and pencil. 

Shalisia Petrova

Shalisia Petrova, who goes by Artsy Shalili was born and raised in New York City. She sustained her passion for art since a very young age. After realizing how much she truly loves to be creative she attended Gramercy Arts

High School and a scholarship program in Parsons University. Once accepted to various art universities life redirected her towards pursuing teaching art to youth and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Her yoga practice specifically is what has shaped her current artwork, which focuses on body positivity, movement, form, self acceptance, yoga, meditation, and healing. She is a multi-medium visual artist, but works primarily with watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal. 

Shvadre Stiffend

New York based artist, Shvadre’(sha-vah-dree) is an introspective experience based ‘creative’. Her span of creativity reaches beyond the relationship of paint and canvas or what can be seen visually. A creation by her is a front row seat to her universe, her imagination and creativity — a tour of her neocortex, where you are free to make your own interpretation. 

Attention to detail, color story and design elements are all standout factors of her creations. She draws from the inspiration of relationships around her, personal life experiences, and the Influence of music and culture. 

Shvadre’s passion for creativity has no inception date, there’s no specific moment that can be identified. The simple answer is, it’s engrained in her, a fiber of her being.

Our dj for the night

A native of Queens, Rhonda Rox grew up immersed in music culture. "I read every room I'm in and vibe with the people around me. I enjoy providing a frequency that fuels the soul".

Live painters

Our Vendors

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Our Performers

  • Nestreya

    Nestraya is a Nigerian American musician artist, entertainer, actress and model. She is known for her music, dance, and her taste in music of the African diaspora. Born to the Nigerian family, Nestreya has always had a passion for entertainment since childhood. Due to her originality, she has been able to gather followings from different parts of the world.

  • Rocky Snyda

    Experimental Hip-Hop Artist Rocky Snyda is part of New York's rap collective, FUTRxLGND. The collective extends to members of different artistic mediums such as: photography, styling, art, etc. bringing together the greatest artistic intelligence in their community.

    Rocky Snyda is a Haitian/St. Lucian from Flatbush Brooklyn. The genre bending artist is best known for her electric style and infectious energy; beautifully displayed through her love of orange.

    Rocky has graced the stages of National Sawdust, Knockdown Center, Elsewhere, Brooklyn Bowl, Everyday Ppl, Afropunk, Vans, 300 ENT. and many more! She has also hosted for brands such as Vice, Noisey, Reebok, Symphonic Distro, etc. Rocky has produced music and starred in commercials for Maybelline, Pandora Jewelry, Revlon/Conair etc. Her hit single "BRONXLYN" was played at the 2023 GRAMMY's and currently going viral.

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