Girl Talk Series

The Hellotittie Girl Talk Series is all about shining a light on the accomplishments of females, and also serving as a reminder to always reach for your goals, and never underestimate your abilities.

Four beautiful established women gave our audience members the chance to hear about all their hardships, struggles and eventual success that go into trying to make a name for yourself. This was all apart of the Hellotittie Girl Talk Series Presents: Millennial Women Influencers.

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Thank You To Our Moderator

Roxanne Mac, a fashion stylist, whose has been working in Fashion Industry for 2 years. Roxanne has worked both Men's and Women's Fashion Week 2016 and 2017. She was also a part of the Shea Moisture ad campaign. We were thrilled to have her be our moderator and speak with our panelists for the Hellotittie Girl Talk Series Presents: Millennial Women Influencers. 


Petite Model with the Kitten Agency


Fashion Designer her work was seen on Vogue Italia


Make-up Artist collaboration with Cee Cosmetics and Garner USA


Brand Ambassador for Curls and a Blogger

Thank You To Our Sponsors

We appreciate all of our sponsors YummyTreatsNYC, K2NailPaint, Curls and our drinks were sponsored by Den of Thieves Whiskey. If you were unable to attend the Girl Talk Series no worries we captured all the footage below. We hope you can make the next one, enjoy!