Hellotittie x Lips Cafe 2024

Hellotittie is the first art collective to start Art & Dine in Brooklyn, New York. This year we are partnering with Lips Cafe, located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY (Little Caribbean). In less than 2 years, Lips Cafe, has become a staple in the community and a staple in a remote worker's atmosphere. They don't serve coffee, they serve the community! Overall, they've built a space which is a collaborative creative hub, creating a space for artwork, merch and much more!

Every 2nd Friday of every month you'll get to view and learn about a different visual artist.

March 2024

Maya Nicole

Maya Nicole is an abstract and intuitive artist whose creations express her most vulnerable self. Her works explore the themes of self-acceptance, grief, sexuality, and the feminine figure. Maya's work is raw, honest, and deeply personal, inviting the viewer into her world and exposing the vulnerability within. Through her art, she confronts her fears, expresses her hopes, and connects with her true self. Each piece reflects her ever-evolving journey, and her willingness to share this journey with her audience is a testament to her courage and authenticity.

February 2024

Olasunkanmi "SK" Akisanmi

Textures of Testimony" is a solo exhibition of Nigerian artist Olasunkanmi “SK” Akisanmi. “SK” latest series of paintings delves into the emotive physicality of facial expressions through figural abstraction and color theory. This exhibition examines the stories of resilient female figures within Akisanmi's Akoka neighborhood, Lagos, Nigeria. His vibrant portraits, adorned with impasto-like textures, vividly capture the unpredictable dynamism of Lagos life. Celebrating the strength of black women everywhere, regardless of circumstance, SK's art mirrors their triumphs and challenges, painting powerful narratives that echo the resilient spirit of those who have overcome adversity.

January 2024

Brent Kelsick

Brent Kelsick is a multifaceted visual artist who specializes in oil painting and graphic
design. Having always been fascinated by art as a child, he was determined to pursue it not only as a career but as a passion. Growing up in Clinton Hill, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, Kelsick was surrounded by all things creative. But, it was the prestigious Pratt Institute, located near his building, that motivated him to take his craft to the next level. Kelsick has participated in numerous group shows around Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, and Connecticut. He exhibited with Hellotittie at the 2nd Contemporary Art & Collectibles at the Breakwater Hotel in Miami Beach during Art Basel (2019). This exhibition showcased over 25 visual artists representing various backgrounds around the world. Kelsick has also instructed numerous Sip and Paints for groups of all ages.