Visuals & Vibes

Visuals & Vibes is a co-ed art show that supports visionary artists and musicians who are creative in their craft.

  • Amara Skye

    Amara Skye is an up and coming New York/ New Jersey based artist. Born in California, and granddaughter to an EGOT-winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winner) Whoopi Goldberg, she has been submerged in a world of art.

    Inspired by the work of Basquiat, Patrick Martinez, Jackson Pollack, Retna and Georgia O’Keefe, Skye aims to fuse the tones of graffiti and abstract art. Skye starts every day off by reciting the motto she lives by… “Skeezy Does It.” Her art is described as vibrant, vivid and loud. She uses her bright colors and encrypted images to engage her audience, making them take a double look at them. Her art can express what people are thinking or things we go through.

  • Emily Lyons

    Emily Lyons, often go by the name Lyoness when it comes to her art. Lyoness is based between Boston and Brooklyn and have been painting since 2012. Her work incorporates acrylic with various fluid mediums to bring color to life. Lyoness is fascinated by movement, expression, and general color theory.

  • Jamila Mathis

    Jamila Mathis is a self-taught mixed-media artist with designs drawing influence from pop culture and Saturday morning cartoons. Her pieces combine bold, vibrant hues, unconventional materials, and wood shadow box canvases to birth or create characters that embody a youthful and carefree feeling. Allowing the inner child to express itself at the most primary level.

  • Joelle Cipriotti

    Joelle Cipriotti is an abstract multimedia artist and self-taught oil painter, located in Northern Virginia. Cipriotti discovered the world of oil painting in early 2019 and have explored many different facets of the medium through her work. Although she created art strictly for her own enjoyment, her greatest dream is to inspire those around her to begin exploring different mediums of self-expression, whether that be through painting, photography or even dance. Through art Cipriotti releases intense emotions which in turn shows observers the utter chaos that her subconscious mind needs to liberate. Her work involves different aspects of spirituality and encourages the self-discovery of one's psyche. Art gives her the ability to release her own fears and traumas; Cipriotti is fortunate enough to find healing within it and wish it to evoke a sense of joy and relatability in others. Cipriotti doesn’t believe she has a niche style that she strictly adheres to, as she’s willing and interested in exploring all types of media but working abstractly is how she would classify her work.

  • Kiarra Elliot

    Kiarra Elliot, started her interest in the arts at an early age. She embraced her artist journey even more in high school while attending a performing arts high school focusing on visual arts. She continued her studies of the arts into college, and in 2013 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts. At the end of her college career, her found herself asking the question more and more - " Where are the representation of my people or those that look like myself and my family?" How can I create work that is both unique, empowering, and spark conversations, while also keeping our environment in mind? These very questions sparked the creation of Afrocentric Keyy; an Eco-conscious oil paint portraiture style using recycled wood as her canvas!

  • Melissa Schainker

    Melissa has been creating art since she could pick up a pencil. With an education in both fine art and design, she creates work informed by that background, but in a non-traditional fashion. She works primarily in oil and illustration. She bridges the gap between street art and fine art, with gallery work and murals. Melissa is based in New York, exhibiting regularly in the city, but also globally. Her collectors span the globe as far as Singapore and across the US.

  • Savannah Bizaldi

    Interdisciplinary New York-based artist SKY KI KAI is a painter, photographer, digital illustrator, creative director, writer, and videographer. Her art is about self-discovery and storytelling through a colorful and exhilarating lens.
    Her most impactful works are expressed in large-scale acrylic paintings that are meant to transport you into another world. Painting is how Sky found herself and her voice. She’s inspired by her emotional experiences and transitional moments as a spiritual being. The story of her life unravels with every new painting made. She prides herself on her vulnerability and her ability to speak to a room of people through her art. Her work often reflects her physical image yet, is so relatable because at its core it’s about the heart.

  • Sheniqua Young

    Sheniqua Young is a Jamaican-American visual artist based in New York. Her favorite mediums are oils, acrylics and digital art. She creates uplifting artwork that celebrates Black beauty and culture. By utilizing expressive brushstrokes and bold, vibrant colors, her artwork showcases the beauty, poise and strength of Black women.

  • Andrew Greenaway

    Andrew Greenaway, is a Brooklyn native and art has always been important to him. Greenaway began to draw when he was about 5 or 6 years old with only dull #2 pencils and broken crayons. During his junior year of High School is when he first got introduced to painting. Greenaway absolutely hated how messy it was in the beginning, but eventually due to years of practice and experimenting, acrylic paint became one of his favorite mediums. Daemen University is where he became exposed to Graphic Design and creating art on the computer. After graduating from college, numerous class projects, an internship, and design jobs, Greenaway became more prepared for understanding how the field of Graphic Design works. He loves painting and designing equally and continue to learn more about each every day. The art that he creates is strictly a reflection of the life that he experiences every day. His main goal is to change the world, and art is the only way he knows how.

  • Android Oi

    Android Oi has been a visual artist and poet for almost all of his life and has studied a variety of mediums and creative work. He has recently been in art shows featured on Fox5 News and in Timeout NY, and was recently published in the 40th anniversary edition of The World of Interiors.  Android Oi has sold artwork all over the United States, London, and Montreal. He is currently a featured artist on and is Head of Operations of a mural company that has locations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

    “I approach my easel as an altar looking for solace and asking for forgiveness. Caught in my own crucible, I await my execution.”

  • Brent Kelsick

    Brent Kelsick is a multifaceted visual artist who specializes in oil painting and graphic design. Having always been fascinated by art as a child, he was determined to pursue it not only as a career but as a passion. Growing up in Clinton Hill, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, Kelsick was surrounded by all things creative. But, it was the prestigious Pratt Institute, located near his building, that motivated him to take his craft to the next level.

    Kelsick has participated in numerous group shows around Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, and Connecticut. He exhibited with Hellotittie at the 2nd Contemporary Art & Collectibles at the Breakwater Hotel in Miami Beach during Art Basel (2019). This exhibition showcased over 25 visual artists representing various backgrounds around the world. Kelsick has also instructed numerous Sip and Paints for groups of all ages.

    In 2022, online platforms took notice of Kelsick’s creative ascension and wanted to highlight his achievements. Kelsick currently features in two online publications; Respect the Pound and Hüeman Palette. He most recently participated in three art shows at Allure Art Studio in Queens, New York, successfully selling one of his paintings.

  • Damian Dickson

    Damian Dickson was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, later he moved to New York City at the age of 10. Dickson has always expressed interest in art and creative expression since young through drawing and coloring. As an adult , the works created are inspired by real life scenarios, events and stories told metaphorically to help his audience relate and better engage with his work. Dickson often covers heavy subject matters such as love, heartbreak, racism, black history, politics and propaganda in the media.

  • Kadeem Phillip

    Kadeem Phillip is a visual artist whose art style is surrealis. Phillip loves to paint people in different colors & hues to capture what he believes could be their emotions or feelings. Phillip has a teddy bear character named Kadie, which is a representation of himself. Many of his painting are a representation of himself going through his highs & lows of life.

Visuals & Vibes owes its success to the remarkable talent of these women who captivated the audience with their incredible voices.

Gratitude to Ari, Ayana Sheree, Agyakomah, and Marissa Detlor.

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  • Ayana Sheree

  • Agyakomah

  • Marissa Detlor