2022 Solo Shows

Inside The Mind Of An Abstract Being

Amara Skye

Amara Skye is an up and coming New York/ New Jersey based artist. Born in California, and granddaughter to an EGOT-winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winner) Whoopi Goldberg, she has been submerged in a world of art.

Inspired by the work of Basquiat, Patrick Martinez, Jackson Pollack, Retna and Georgia O’Keefe, Skye aims to fuse the tones of graffiti and abstract art. Skye starts every day off by reciting the motto she lives by… “Skeezy Does It.” Her art is described as vibrant, vivid and loud. She uses her bright colors and encrypted images to engage her audience, making them take a double look at them. Her art can express what people are thinking or things we go through.

She does this to let the audience feel like they can relate and be understood, to create a connection between artist and audience. Skye’s art is a window to her private and personal thoughts, and when she isn’t painting, she is parenting; her daughter Charli-Rose has become a new muse for her work.

Artwork by Amara Skye

Amara Skye is currently on the new ABC hit show Claim To Fame a competition series everyone is talking about! The show features celebrity relatives who must conceal their identity from their competitors as they strive to win the coveted $100,000 prize.

During the first episode of Claim To Fame, Amara revealed that Whoopi gave her blessing before she came on the show. Amara admitted that Whoopi told her, “Be a strong b*tch and come back happy.” In her introduction, Amara noted that Whoopi is a hands-on grandmother. “She likes to call me a lot and make sure that I’m on top of anything that I have,” Amara said. Be sure to watch Claim To Fame on ABC.

Amara is Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter. She is appearing on ABC's Claim to Fame.

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For Your Eyes Only

Brent Kelsick

Brent Kelsick is a multifaceted visual artist who specializes in oil painting and graphic design. Having always been fascinated by art as a child, he was determined to pursue it not only as a career but as a passion. Growing up in Clinton Hill, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, Kelsick was surrounded by all things creative. But, it was the prestigious Pratt Institute, located near his building, that motivated him to take his craft to the next level.

Kelsick has participated in numerous group shows around Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, and Connecticut. He exhibited with Hellotittie at the 2nd Contemporary Art & Collectibles at the Breakwater Hotel in Miami Beach during Art Basel (2019). This exhibition showcased over 25 visual artists representing various backgrounds around the world. Kelsick has also instructed numerous Sip and Paints for groups of all ages.

In 2022, online platforms took notice of Kelsick’s creative ascension and wanted to highlight his achievements. Kelsick currently features in two online publications; Respect the Pound and Hüeman Palette. He most recently participated in three art shows at Allure Art Studio in Queens, New York, successfully selling one of his paintings.

Artwork by Brent Kelsick

  • SOLD- $880

  • SOLD- $250

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