W.H.A.M x Hellotittie: Celebrating Women Through Art

March is Women’s History Month and Hellotittie celebrated by curating a month long art show featuring ten women artists!

Goddard Riverside’s Community Arts Program gave us an opportunity to collaborate with them in their W.H.A.M: Women History Artist Month. A month filled festival with a wide-ranging of events featuring theatre, art and music by and about women. On Friday, March 1st, Hellotittie kicked off the month long celebration with a Opening Reception with an open bar and hors d’oeuvres. The event featured the women artists, who spoke about their pieces, and the other women participants in the festival, who performed excerpts from their own events. For the rest of the month, visitors stopped by to view the art.

W.H.A.M was created to raise money for the young inspiring artists in Goddard Riverside’s Performing Art Conservatory, which takes place every summer for youths ages 8 to 14 years old. For every artwork sold, a portion of the proceeds went towards the conservatory.

For our month-long art gallery, Hellotittie featured artists from South Korea, Singapore and different parts of New York City, which was extremely exciting for us! The event centered around women’s perspectives of art, focused on women and catered to women. We had pieces that were abstract, pop art and more. These amazing pieces can be purchased on our Arts page.

Missed opening night? No worries, we have the re-cap video below.

A piece of artwork from each artist that participated in the show. If you'd like to purchase anything please contact us.

  • Amaris 'AsGo'

  • Arielle

  • Bonnie

  • Caroline

  • Dani

  • Nature

  • Jada

  • Traci

  • Tyler

  • Zenata