6th Annual Creative Chicks

Creative Chicks is an art event designed to support women artists by providing them with a platform to exhibit their artwork, connect with others, and savor great company. This event is an annual tradition, and this year, in commemoration of Women's History Month, we've chosen to host it in March. Below, you'll find a video recap of the inaugural Creative Chicks event.

Below is one piece of artwork from each artist that participated in our 6th Annual 'Creative Chicks'. If you'd like to know more about these artists please contact us.

Amanda Soto

Amanda is a mixed media artist, born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her work is heavily influenced by New York City Street art and women empowerment. She loves to explore different mediums to bring texture and depth to her work. In addition to visual arts, she is a poet, singer and an innovator in health care research.

Amaris Orama

Amaris Orama, is an artist who is known by the name Asgo! She was born and raised in Harlem, NY, and was inspired and encouraged by her mother to create freely from a young age. Asgo has a passion for body positivity, the female anatomy and freedom of expression. Her artwork is colorful, eye catching, and imaginative. Asgo creates to express her confidence, femininity and curiosity. She hopes to inspire and spark wonder in others.

Denisa Guerrero

Photography has been Denisa’s passion since she was 14. Her dream from a little girl was to create an avenue for talented young models to reach success within her own Modeling Agency and Studio. Graduating from Art & Design, a college located in Europe, she was able to make her dreams a reality. To date, Denisa’s has had the pleasure of working with famous athletes, models, celebrities and high-end fashion brands.

Kiarra Elliot

Kiarra Elliot, is an artist who goes by the name, Afrocentric Keyy. Which in definition is a reflection of internal questions from "Where is our representation?” to “How can I use my art to shift the dialogue?” In addition to a critical view of cultural subject matters, she uses various portraits of people from the African, Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean Diaspora and creatively combines them with animal counterparts. It’s in this combination; she mimics viewing the world through thermal night vision goggles to create a higher stimulating experience.

Jazmine Nieves

For a long time, Jazmine has possessed inquisitive, creative, healing, energy that she has enjoyed sharing with others. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that she had a hint of what was beneath the surface. Summer of 2021, she held 2 solo art shows in Harlem near Central Park in New York City. Which included multiple performing artists, live instruments, poetry, and a dance party in the end. Thanks to the help of her community, family, and friends she was able to sell more than enough paintings to raise money for her first semester, at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Lilianan Ana

Liliana Ana is an art and design studio based in Brooklyn creating painted portraits and tufted rugs, mirrors, and wall pieces. Her portraits seek to challenge Eurocentric beauty standards and patriarchal narratives.

Marisela Vanegas

Marisela is a formally trained designer who creates mixed media artworks to sate her desire for curating environments in a way that is both personal and accessible. She chooses the medium of abstraction for its universal appeal, fundamentally stripping down all figurative language to place the primary focus on the composition, whose meaning becomes relative to the observer.

Melanie Royster

Art has always been a passion of hers. Growing up shy and quiet, she has always used art to express herself and tell stories. Melanie really dives into her work and is not afraid to be vulnerable. When you look at her work you can also tell that she is not afraid to experiment with different media or to try different techniques, which really defines her as an artist.

Melissa Schainker

Melissa has been creating art since she could pick up a pencil. With an education in both fine art and design, she creates work informed by that background, but in a non-traditional fashion. She works primarily in oil and illustration. She bridges the gap between street art and fine art, with gallery work and murals. Melissa is based in New York, exhibiting regularly in the city, but also globally. Her collectors span the globe as far as Singapore and across the US.

Sydney Greene

Sydney Greene is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her portfolio shows a developing body of work that includes both personal and client illustrations and portrait paintings. This artist has always been one to translate life experiences into creative content; finding roots in art, music, literature, and research. Throughout her matriculation at Howard University, Sydney discovered the intersection of art and science within the field of Art Therapy. As she continued her education at The University of Texas at Arlington, Sydney developed curriculum for her summer camps and virtual lessons for K-12 art students. Beyond the virtual classroom, Sydney continues to work on projects like mural paintings, children's book illustrations, and product designs. 

Live Painters


Lala specializes in surreal, cartoon-like figures and psychedelic dreamscapes. Exploring themes like mental illness, trauma, and gender identity, Lala beckons viewers into their colorful, sometimes grotesque, emotional world. By being vulnerable through their art, Lala hopes to inspire others to get in touch with their authentic selves and find their own unique voice.

Michelle Buser

Michelle’s art style has become a full circle effect; from drawing all her life in graphite to finally trying painting, first in color and now in greyscale, perpetuating her graphite roots in a new medium of acrylic paint. She loves to paint individuals up close and personal. As a portrait artist, Michelle chooses her subjects based on perspective, composition and raw emotion. There’s so much storytelling in the eyes of each human being and it’s her goal to capture that essence, that story, that beautiful, unique and special life through her work.


Women’s History Month isn’t the only time to celebrate women’s entrepreneurship. While it’s great to read about the accomplishments of successful businesswomen, it’s even better to support other female small business owners. Consider these facts from Forbes:

  • 42% of all U.S.-owned companies are owned by women;
  • 4 out of 10 businesses are owned by women;
  • Women-owned businesses generate $1.9 trillion annually;
  • Between 2014-2019, Black women-owned firms grew 50%, the highest growth rate of any woman-based demographic;


Hellotittie teamed up with ShowYourNice, which is a booking and event management company that was formed in 2015, they offer event services from a team of knowledgeable and energetic experts. Using their immense network and creative eye they were able to book all the live performances for our 6th Annual Creative Chicks art event, which included: Ania Hoo, Chasity Londyn,Marissa Detlor, Nestreya, SigDaTrig and Stunna Dior.

Ania Hoo

Jamaican-American artist Ania Hoo navigates a colorful, eclectic, and vibrant universe through her music. Inspired by artist such as Marvin Gaye and Teena Marie, she strives for her music to emulate the purest of emotions. Taking us away from the modern world and its endless need for consumption, we see Hoo opening us up to her vision that is focused on creating with integrity and intention. A world where music gives space to the collective to not only want to feel good, but to demand to be loved properly. Hoo has been featured on the Boiler Room, NTS Radio, and V Files and continues to create romantic and bubbly melodies, as seen in her latest project, Pink Trees.

Ania Hoo released of her debut EP, Pure in January 2022. Started roughly a year and a half ago during a time of retreating inwards, Pure is about showing us more of her groovy eccentricities as an artist. With music as her main form of self-expression, Hoo feels called to release this project along with the emotions that has been contained in her EP. Her songs produce a timeless reminder to play around with art that can be created from within.

Chasity Londyn

Chasity Londyn started her career by curating her own shows as well as performing at local LA shows around the city. She started recording music years after performing back to back consistently. She would constantly get inspired to just write and make songs over beats, memorize them and perform them, when she would go perform at shows, her fans would still already know all of her lyrics by heart, recording in an actual studio came secondary in her career, her Debut Album "Dazed and Confused" sparked a buzz with supporters from all over the world, her album roll out consisted of a series of self recorded videos. She posted persistently on the gram of her performing unreleased songs featured on the album in her bedroom. Dazed and confused significant release date 10/10 was inspired by a spiritual rebirth in her life that correlates with the angel numbers 1010, for those who are tapped into her realm and have experienced her world through her music (her ART), her vibe is epitomized as the educated hood enchantress that pulls you into everything she says.

Marissa Detlor

Marissa Detlor is a R&B/Pop singer and songwriter who favors records that combine a fiery mix of catchy and vocally driven anthems and soulful gritty down tempos.

As a youngster, she first showcased her vocal abilities at various venues across New York and Connecticut and won 1st place in 6 regional competitions. She was naturally drawn to unapologetic trailblazers that have pushed culture and music forward. Her first major steps as a rrecording artist was back in 2018, when she recorded and released her debeut EP, "Self-Made". Her album launched at #9 for pop albums and #50 for all genres on the itunes charts upon release. Two records off of the album were palced in the episode 4 of the new Hulu TV Show, "Shrill".


Nestraya is a Nigerian American musician artist, entertainer, actress and model. She is known for her music, dance, and her taste in music of the African diaspora. Born to the Nigerian family, Nestreya has always had a passion for entertainment since childhood. Due to her originality, she has been able to gather followings from different parts of the world.


Tatia "Sigdatrig" Campos is today's reflection of prospering "womenism" and Hip-Hop brilliance. Born originally in Brownsville, Brooklyn, but raised in East Harlem, NY she grew up to be a very inspiring, trendy woman. Although rap is her true talent, achieving success academically was also in Siggy's future. She went on to study International Business at Berkely College, which exemplifies her entrepreneurial initiative of creating her groundbreaking cosmetic line, "S Signature Kiss Cosmetics". "S Signature Kiss Cosmetics" have been worn by some of the industry's fashionable women; Iggy Azalea, Natasha Kill, Azealia Banks, Dek Loaf, Yandy Smith, Young B and Kim Kardashian. Vocally trained by Mr. Craig Derry, Sigdatrig knew training would be an advantage towards her dynamic singing and rapping style.

Siggy describes her style as a combination of the Female MC's of today and yesterday.

Profoundly enough, this visionary continuously pay homage to Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and Ms. Maya Angelou proof of creativity, poetry, womanhood and distinction.

Stunna' Dior

Stunna' Dior is an American born well accredited model, stylist, host, actress and owner of her own brand, Vulgvr. Stunna' Dior also owns her own network SDTV (Stunna Dior TV). This captivating young fearless mogul was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences where she found her love for performing arts. She has also modeled for Adidas, Chris Brown's Black Pyramid brand Vera Moore cosmetics, Riichez by Gee, Shay Kawaii, Massage Envy and New York Fashion Week to name a few with multiple popular fashion magazine features in a short span of time. Always a consistent go-getter, Stunna' was compelled to put her all on the line to pursue her career in acting, modeling, and music on a professional level.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

This year we had Femininitees, Flora•py, Floramye, Herbas Bodycare, Taylor Made Polish and ZitSticka sponsor our event. Each lucky raffle winner won a prize form our sponsors.