5th Annual Creative Chicks

Creative Chicks is an art event designed to support women artists by providing them with a platform to exhibit their artwork, connect with others, and savor great company. This event is an annual tradition, and this year, in commemoration of Women's History Month, we've chosen to host it in March. Below, you'll find a video recap of the inaugural Creative Chicks event.

Below is one piece of artwork from each artist that participated in our 5th Annual 'Creative Chicks'. If you'd like to know more about these artists please contact us.

Delainy Faña

Delainy Faña is a Dominican, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is a spiritual artist.

My sacred craft consists of colors, women, symbolism, and healing. Not only is my craft healing to me, but it is created to seek out those who find it healing for themselves as well. In my eyes, everyone can be considered a bruja/brujo because we all contain an abundant amount of magic in us. I chose to spread my magic through my art with you.

Jennifer Jimenez

Jennifer Jimenez was raised and works in Harlem. Ever since she can remember, she has always been obsessed with art and the freedom of expression that comes with it. Highly inspired by music and art icons such as Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jennifer pays homage by creating portraits using mixed media such as pen, acrylic and watercolor. Jennifer loves to inspire and be inspired with hopes of having her artwork hung/wore across the globe while inspiring others to create. #AimForTheHeART

Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander is an art educator and visual artist from East Orange, NJ. She creates art that inspires, empowers and represents Black women. Her handpainted wearable art accessories scream originality and dopeness. She hopes to keep creating while including different techniques.

Tanaja Monet Brown

Tanaja Monet Brown is an amazing new artist from New York. Tanaja studied Art Education and Studio Art at Delaware State University, where she recently received her bachelor’s degree. 

A mighty flame follows a tiny spark.

Tanaja’s love for art began at a very early age. She can remember being captivated by her brother’s art projects and as soon as she was able to hold a pencil, she began to imitate his work. As her passion for art grew, so did her talent and she began to use her artistic expression to create portraits, paintings and drawings. 

She sees the world as a magical grouping of light and shadows.

Today, Tanaja creates beautiful custom portraits for clients all across the country. She’s shown at art galleries in Philadelphia and maintains a successful online studio at tmbartistry.com, where clients can commission custom artwork or choose from the inspired collection of works featured on the site. Tanaja’s love for art education comes across when she facilitates private painting events for children, groups, corporate teams and general art enthusiasts. She ensures her events are lively, fun and that participants are focused and engaged the entire time. Her favorite part of the experience is when her students begin to see their paintings take shape before their eyes. 

Tanaja hopes to spark passion in her students as she embarks on her career in art education and, with all she’s accomplished so far, she’s sure to accomplish her goal!


Asgo is a Harlem native looking to encourage body positivity and confidence through art. A mix media artist, Asgo lives to create! Obsessed with colors, body forms and butt cheeks.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lyndsay “Elle” Rae’s artwork centers around visual mediums including paintings, sketches and drawings; that draw upon sensual, erotic, provocative and contemporary themes. Small-scale designs such as nail art, medium-scale such as canvas, and large scale murals, are all part of her repertoire.

Murjani Holmes

Murjani Holmes is a Visual Artist/ Muralist, who works largely with mutli-media materials on various painting surfaces. She has exhibited in and worked with local artist groups in New York City and has a strong desire to grow and collaborate with other up and coming artists. Murjani has a degree in Fashion Design which has very much influenced her work, so there is a big focus on color and prints in her paintings. The urge to be creative has been very strong in Murjani's life since she was a child and as she puts it she still has the ability to look up at the clouds and see shapes.

Tre’Oria Ernest

Tre’Oria Ernest is a southern native currently practicing in Brooklyn. She explores many different textures/mediums and favors charcoals and acrylics in her work. Tre’Oria enjoys highlighting the female form, elements of nature and movement. She hopes that as her work continues to evolve it will resonate with and inspire emotion in others.

Erin Donahue

Erin Donahue is a photographer, content creator and digital artist based in New York City. With a background in business, she has been working full-time in the financial services industry since 2014. However, she was born a self- theorized right-brainer (creative) and has a knack for framing a scene with a camera. She’s completely self-taught and recently made the jump to become a full-time photographer. Her areas of specialty are in the brand, travel, and portrait spaces. She lives by the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” and is drawn to the beauty of the world. 

Follow along on her Instagram and visit her website for more of her portfolio work and live updates.

Lucy liu

Lucy is a self taught film photographer from Queens, New York. She started shooting film for fun when her friend lent her a camera and felt in love with the creative process. She began shooting portraits only a year ago, having had previous modeling experience which helped connect her with talents and posing direction. She loves to make her ideas come to life through film, and capture the essence of her subject in an effortless and natural way. She loves to work with talents of all backgrounds and learning their stories along the shoots. Lucy hopes to take her photography career far with campaigns & billboards in the near future.

Follow along on her Instagram and visit her website for more of her portfolio work and live updates.


We had the following vendors: Ariel’s Candle, Cafecito and Confidence, Chef Rose, Gila Aliza, Gsvortex Jewelry, I am My own design and Vuh Jai Nuh Cosmetics.

Maria Burgos made a second appearance to perform spoken word, her poems were so heartfelt and creative. To close the event, we had four live performances by 070Tree Safari, Aja Rene, Kaymars and Raquel Liane.

Maria Burgos

Born and raised in Washington Heights, New York, María started writing poetry at the young age of 8. Her poetry is written for those who feel voiceless and misunderstood. As a rebellious womanist she takes pride in using her vulnerability and compassion as her strength. She vows to remain fiercely honest and dangerously loud through her work.

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A huge thank you to Change The Beat for providing all of the live performances. All of these talented women included: 070Treee Safari, Aja Rene, Kaymars and Raquel Liane. The crowd really enjoyed all of these Creative Chicks.

070Treee Safari

“I am sugar spice and everything nice. A feeler of feelings. The rain that comes with rainbows. The life of the party.”

Aja Rene

Aja Rene is from Lakewood NJ, she’s been a musician/singer/songwriter her entire life, self taught and hopelessly devoted. She has always known and felt music as magic, it can influence, heal and guide if used the right way. Her goal is to elevate hearts, minds, and move spirits! Creative Chicks will be her debut performance!


What started you as poetry and loud eccentric guitar licks made Kaymars the powerhouse of a musician she is today. Starting out on the guitar, Kaymars has been self-taught since the age of 12, picking up the bass and throwing down vocals along the way. Since then she's been playing small gigs throughout her home state of New Jersey & NYC, and releasing her first single ever, Catharsis' written & recorded by herself along with her latest release 'Lost My Mind'. With her upcoming debut EP 'CATHARSIS' set to drop July 2nd, Kaymars is more than ready for the world to finally hear her magic.

Raquel Liane

Jersey based Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter, Raquel Liane Martinez, invites listeners into her world with inviting melodies and a soulful voice fans have described as angelic and ethereal. Using music as her main outlet to cope and communicate, she chooses to be extremely vulnerable in her songwriting in order to connect with fans on a deep and truthful level ultimately aiming to inspire people to be honest and open with their struggles and give strength to overcome them. Some of her influences include: Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Selena, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, and salsa singer Hector Lavoe.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

This year we had the following companies sponsor our event; Daughter Of the Land gave us bath soaks, Lasegunda Hija provided tanning butters, Even Keel provides us with perfume lip balms, Breukellen Polished gave us nail polishes and lip balms and Cabin7originals gave us zipper pouches. As always we had raffle giveaways every hour giving out prizes to lucky winners!

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