Why Sponsor Us?

The number one reason to sponsor a Hellotittie event, is the extensive exposure your brand will receive. Research suggests that it typically takes 7 to 11 repetitions for individuals to recall a message. By sponsoring our event, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand in a market specifically tailored to millennials. Collaborating with Hellotittie will guarantee that your brand's visibility extends well beyond the event itself, leaving a lasting impression.


Hellotittie primarily focuses on engaging with women through our social media platforms. On Instagram, we boast a global following of over 9,000+ users, with 90% of them being women and 10% men. Collaborating with Hellotittie offers you the opportunity to broaden your business's demographic reach and engage with a diverse audience.


Here are the advantages of featuring your products at a Hellotittie event:

  • All company logos will be displayed on the event flyer.
  • Your brand will be listed on our sponsors website page and promoted on our social media platforms.
  • Our sponsors will be mentioned in our newsletter of 7,000 subscribers for their participation in providing products.

Sponsor Our Next Event

If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor for our upcoming event, please fill out the application below.