New York Underground Rappers on the rise

Photo taken from Zhakleen Sina IG: bookddp

Photo taken from Zhakleen Sina IG: bookddp

Travis Little

IG: @travislittlenyc


Hellotittie: How would you describe your sound?
TL: Indigo-Soul a mixture of New Orleans Jazz, Hip-Hop, Old School, a little Rock. But most importantly it’s always honest.

HT: How long have you been rapping?
TL: I started off with spoken work for about two years, just to boost my following and get people on my wave. I’ve been performing for five years and showcasing my music for about 3 years.

HT: Since you started off with spoken word, would consider yourself a poet or a rapper?
TL: I call it just free talking, which means freely talking, I don’t give a fuck about rhythm, because I understand music and its layers. So I’m able to hit a rhythm that you can hear but you still feel. The topics I pick are just different, I’m just talking to the people about real shit. That’s the best way I can describe it.