New York Underground Rappers on the rise

In New York City there is never a short supply of talent. On Friday, April 28th founder of Show Your Nice, Synobia, and Signature Sounds Studios came together in an event that showcased the talent of four young MCs in the music industry. Kota The Friend, Tina Bugatti, Travis Little and The Official JL came together and performed some of their music. We got the opportunity to sit down and talk to all four of the artists before they performed, as well as Synobia and asked her a few things about the event and her brand. Synobia came up with the concept for Drip Jamboree, because she wanted to create a light vibe by bringing all different types of people together. Her vision was to have an action pack event and she definitely accomplished that! When asked if Drip Jamboree will be am annual event, she said "Absolutely, it will be! I have great things in store as far as new guest appearances, you all will just have to wait till next year". Since we are big on inspiration, we had to ask Synobia what inspires her the most? She said, "since branding Show Your Nice I was inspired to create a platform where all types of artists (poets, dancers, singers, rappers and models) can express themselves and voice their craft." She went on to say "Show Your Nice also gave me a voice for myself."  We also got a deeper look at the MCs and their music. Check out their interviews below.

Photo taken from Zhakleen Sina IG: bookddp

Photo taken from Zhakleen Sina IG: bookddp


Tina Bugatti

IG: @tinabugatti

Tina Bugatti is the turn-up rapper you need to get the party started. She also can take her music to a deep place that many people can relate too. Life is the inspiration for her music. You can relate to her because she creates her music based off of her own personal life situations, like her song 'Lonely', which is about a particular moment in her life. Tina's sound is inspired by Jill Scout, Erica Badu and Nicki Minaj. She tries to stay away from controversial artists. As a female artist she knows about the negative impact controversy it can have on artists and Tina wants no part of it. 

"We are undermined. It is very male dominated right now, but when the women do step up it becomes just one woman dominating it. I wish it was more unified." 

A lot of women gravitate towards Tina's music. Since she is a female MC she knows exactly what women go through and is able to express that in her music. 

" A lot of music that I do is for women. A lot of my music is about relationship and heartbreak and women normally relate to that." 

When asked what words of encouragement she would give to young ladies, Tina had one simple message. 

"To be treated like a human, just be treated with respect."