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Founder of Triple threat bootcamp

Samantha Ortiz is a true definition of a Girl Boss. She has her own fitness company, Triple Threat Bootcamp. In this interview you will learn why Jennifer Lopez influences her, how you can sign up for her Bootcamp and her thoughts on Women's History Month. We were inspired by her interview and you can too. 

Hellotittie: What woman in history has influenced you?
Samantha Ortiz: My most influential woman in history is Latina powerhouse Jennifer Lopez. As a female pioneer in the Latina community, Jennifer Lopez represents my culture as a Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker). Ms. Lopez has positively influenced me to be strong, healthy, focused, hardworking, stylish and in constant pursuit of my dreams as a female, Latina entrepreneur. She is an icon, trendsetter and an exceptional representation of a strong body and mind. Her fitness and nutritional goals allow her to maintain a youthful presence in her industry and truly energized me to stay focused and follow my passion because at every age, anything is possible. 

HT: What does Women Empowerment mean to you?
SO: I have always been a natural leader who is passionate about helping other women pursue their dreams. As an entrepreneur, I’ve been able to reach many women through my fitness and social media platform. My message has always been and will continue to be a movement of hope and strength for every woman to achieve their goals of fitness, health, business, career and most importantly self-worth. 

HT: Why do you think Women’s History Month is so Important?
SO: Women’s History month is so important because it shows how much growth, presence and power we have. We have and continue to make huge strides as women and during this month we are celebrating, uniting and highlighting our achievements.

Women’s History Month is a perfect example of how powerful women are. Before Women’s History Month, we had Women’s History week and even before that we had Women’s History Day. It is so motivating as a woman to witness our evolution.

HT: How did it feel when you found out you were named the Best Instructor in NYC?
SO: Initially, I was stunned that ClassPass had chosen me as 2017’s top female trainer in NYC. It wasn’t until I received compliments from my clients and fellow fitness professionals that I absorbed and released all the excitement. It was a humbling moment as I realized my hard work was being acknowledged and appreciated.

HT: How long have you been into Health and Fitness? and what is your favorite workout routine?
SO: Being an athlete since the age of 8 years old, I naturally adopted a healthy and active lifestyle. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I played sports (Softball and Volleyball). I was fortunate to play Division II softball and volleyball at Felician College which kept me connected to my athletic background. Currently with over 20 years of being an active woman, I am loving every moment of my healthy journey. My favorite fitness routine is a strength training workout which entails utilizing heavy weights (i.e. barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and Olympic bar). These workouts challenge me mentally and physically but I’m always up for the challenge.

HT: How do you keep your clients motivated throughout each workout session?
SO: Whether I am providing personal training or instructing a Bootcamp class, I keep my clients motivated by pushing their comfort zones and providing 100% support every step of the way. I’m very creative with my workouts, I call it making it “spicy” (laughs). Each workout is designed specifically for each day at my Bootcamp classes and individually tailored for my personal training clients.

HT: What are your thoughts on having a vegan lifestyle instead of working out?
SO: I believe fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Each person should research and choose the best nutritional options for them. Building a healthy foundation should be a balance of good nutrition and physical activity which will greatly benefit your overall health. 

HT: How can people sign up for a session with you? Can you please tell us more about your Triple Threat Bootcamp?
SO: The best method of communication is via email for specific questions on personal training. (Samantha@triplethreatbootcamp.com)

Triple Threat Bootcamp is a Latina women owned family business started by my mother (Aileen), Sister (Christine) and I back in 2015. Our mission was to bring a beautiful studio gym to our community which would provide a one stop shop of fitness and health. We offer amazing Bootcamp classes and provide wellness and nutritional consultations to all of our clients. Our workouts are 45 minutes high-intensity interval training classes. Each day provides new training circuits which keep clients eager to join our TTB fitness family.  

If you would like to know more information about our Bootcamp classes, visit our website for details on booking and scheduling.