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Last Saturday we were invited to mingle and celebrate artist in Brooklyn via Hellotittie. The brand focuses on bringing together women artist of all walks and are celebrating their third year in art curation.



Art is a powerful tool that can give meaning to different aspects of life one would not expect, from relieving trauma and tension in an artist’s life, to making political and social commentary on the state of current events.


On Saturday, in the heart of Williamsburg, Beyond Studios held court to a wide array of artists and performers showcasing their work in HelloTittie’s third annual Creative Chicks art event. HelloTittie is a brand dedicated to empowering women through providing a platform for female creatives as well as offering advice and entertainment through its periodic interviews and blog posts.


Hellotittie is a women empowerment brand with a mission of providing a platform for the female artist where they can showcase their art and gain more recognition. Their March 1st featured a variety of female artists of all mediums including paintings, digital art, and performing arts.


Have you ever imagined being in a room full of carefree, righteous, diverse, boss a$$ B*#@!es?? yeah I haven't either.

If you haven't heard of the women empowerment brand "Hellotittie" you need to make some serious changes on all your social media pages.


I had the opportunity to interview and meet some really cool women this past weekend. As you know already March is all about W-O-M-E-N so we thought it would be a nice to show you what boss babes in art specifically have been working on. We met up with some visual artist at NYC’s Upper West Side Goddard Community Center where they will be hosting a month long artist based event entitle “WHAM” which stands for “Women History Art Month”.

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Last weekend, Hellotittie invited Honeysuckle and Honeysuckle Girl to their 2ndAnnual Creative Chicks Art Event. Dedicated to empowering women through entertaining online content, personal interviews, and outreach events, Hellotittie provided a platform for a group of twelve female artists to showcase their talent.