Christina Vega is a mom, beauty influencer, hair model and a makeup artist for the past 10 years.

In March 2019, Christina Vega won the #SephoraSquad Makeup competition. This makes her the perfect choice for our first makeup event. Her passion for drawing and painting since childhood led her to love the art form of makeup. After years of working for a major beauty company, Christina took a leap of faith and started her own journey as an entrepreneur to build her brand. She now wears multiple hats in the beauty industry and aims to inspire women all over world along the way.


As most of you know, Hellotittie caters to women artist and now we want to channel another art form, which is Beauty.

Makeup is a form of art that allows a woman to feel gorgeous and sexy while expressing herself. Christina Vega provided her expertise to our VIP VEGA ticket holders with a live makeup class, which was AMAZING! The guests were able to learn a few new tricks and tips.


If you were unable to attend our event, no worries! Here’s the recap video of what you missed.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without these Beautiful, Talented, Educated, Girl Bosses! Get to know the Makeup artists, Nail Techs and Vendors that made this event a huge success.

MUA Artist Bio

These beautiful professional makeup artists also took part of this event, get to know more about them.

Stephanie Silvero

Stephanie Silverio is a 21 year old creative based in Philadelphia, P.A. Her passion for beauty and makeup began before she attended cosmetology school in 2017. Her love wasn’t just for the makeup, it was everything around it. From creating the looks, the different techniques, to piecing outfits, backgrounds and accessories together. She fell in love with the her visions, whether it’s herself or someone else as the canvas she fell in love with being able to create her, as well as other people’s, visions. With the help from cosmetology school and the influences of fellow creatives, she learned to follow through with the process of bringing her creativity to life.

Natalie Biennestin

Natalie Biennestin is a freelance makeup artist! Her interest for makeup began as a little child, playing with foundation her mom had. Using her red lipstick and thinking to herself I am unstoppable. The interest grew and she found myself at drugstores and local beauty supply stores buying lip gloss, powder, and a small neutral eye shadow palette as a teen. After graduating High School, she began to work at Nordstrom; where she discovered various makeup artistry and a career. Biennestin, wanted to give the experience she received from attending makeup counters the same glee she had. This made her decide years later after serious soul searching, to pursue a career as a makeup artist. She quit her job and decided to pursue her passion.

Nail Tech

We had the best of the best nail technicians of New York City slaying our guests nails. If you needed a color change, a nail design or a filling for your acrylic tips! Our nail technicians had you covered.

Karla Frias

Karla Frias is a Dominican Nail Artist base in the Bronx, New York. Nails has always been her passion since she could remember. At the tender age of 9 years old she had her first client, a family friend. Once she turned 16, she started her first official part-time job at a nail salon. Watching her co-workers do customers nails and taking an art class in college helped her perfect her craft tremendously.

Frias’s passion for art makes her love what she does, she considers herself a nail artist rather than a nail technician. Being self-taught and having more than 10 years under her belt, makes her enjoy being able to express herself through people’s nails.

Kelissa Halley


Kelissa Halley is from Brooklyn, New York and is looking to take over the nail industry. She became a nail technician because she wanted to see more of her kind in her community. Halley, also wanted to create a safe space where people in her neighborhood can get her excellent customer service and exceptional quality of work.

Tiffany Albertorio


Tiffany Albertorio is the owner of TheBronxPolish. She chose that name for her business because she wanted to combine her love for nail polish and her borough, The Bronx. Representation matters to her, she was born and raised in the Bronx and has been doing nails for the past six years.

Fun Fact: Her first set of nails were glue press on’s from her princess glam party at just eight years old. She also plans on owning her own shop in The Bronx. 


Girl boss at it’s finest! These New York women entrepreneurs had their merchandise for sale at our event. Catering to all women’s needs, we had brands that sold makeup, lashes, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Thanks again to all of the beauty influencers that attended. It was great to mix and mingle with them over makeup. Makeup Mayhem wouldn’t be possible without them. Click on each of their photos to follow them on Instagram.

Thank You To All Our Sponsors

One of each product was in every goodie bag, thanks to these companies.

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