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"Bold, Brilliant & Beautiful. It's unapologetic and is baked in Black Excellence"

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Karlyn Percil

NeuroSuccess Coach, Elephant Storyteller and Lifestyle Speaker

Hellotittie: What does it mean to you to be a Neuro Success Coach?

Karlyn Percil: A NeuroSuccess Coach uses the principles and research on neuroscience – the understanding the brain and mind to empower people to optimize how they show up in the world. We use brain research technique along with the research around neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to increase and grow new branching) to help women to manage their fears and emotions, to work smarter, not harder and to optimize where they are in life so that they can increase their impact in the world. I was certified through Neuroscientist Shonte Jovan Taylor’s OptiMind Neuroscience ICF accredited Certification Program.

Neuroscience is the study of the Mind & Brain and how it interacts with the body and its influence on our behavior. I was first fascinated by my behavior and why I continued to do the things that no longer serve me. I was fascinated by the brain and the mind and that we have the power to influence it and change it.

If we understand why we do what we do – if we understand our behavior and what drives it and we now know what makes life worth living – combining the two would give us the formula to a meaningful and fulfilling life!

This is why I invested and decided to become a NeuroSuccess Coach.

HT: Can you explain what is your Success Planner is?

KP: The Success Planner is a combination of the best practices from my Virtual Mentors Brene Brown, Oprah, Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and more – I combined their success principles into an annual planner – so that I too can live a meaningful, productive and fulfilling life.

Success leaves clues. And the research on neuroscience and positive psychology teaches us that there are science-based facts that will improve our overall well-being and happiness. This is what makes the Success Planner so unique and powerful!  We are getting access to information straight from the lab – from the best researchers and neuroscientists in the world! I have deconstructed some of the applicable easy to implement and apply in our everyday lives so that we can flourish – manage our brains better so we can manage our thoughts, mental blocks giving us the ability to create meaningful and fulfilling experiences . And you can do that with the Success Planner.

HT: What is included in your Success Planner?

KP:  The new 2018 Success Planner is not your regular to-do list, in fact, it’s uniquely designed to:

  • Condition the mind to reach clarity on life and priorities
  • Train the brain to be more positive which will lead to 3x more creativity & increased productivity
  • Enhance focus to ensure better utilization of time
  • Cultivate a healthier brain & mind by tacking key habits like sleep, water, breathing & mindful minute meditation
  • Having a Thrive wellness Centre – inspired by Arianna Huffington
  • A gratitude practice inspired by Oprah

HT: Can you tell me about SisterTalk Empowerment Circle Workshops?

KP: Our Empowerment Circles are designed to help women birth their best selves. These monthly Goddess Circles are made to give an intimate evening of deeper connection to one’s self, exploring the power of vulnerability, how to leverage our emotions and thoughts better so that we can live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

HT: Can you tell me about your #JUSTASK campaign?

KP: So often women don’t ask for what they want, and when we do, it’s well within our comfort zones, keeping us small and stuck. I created the campaign to help women get out of that safe, small zone. By making a BOLD ASK, we allow ourselves to think bigger and take a more substantial leap towards achieving our BOLD GOALS. 

HT: What woman inspires you and why?

KP: My mother and Beyoncé – both are creators – both have stories of resilience. Courage and strength. Both have seen through so much yet still they rise and continue to make the best of their lives.

HT: What has been your greatest moment of success?

KP:  I believe that I have tiny moments of success – greatest moments are great within context. Some days it’s winning over my negative thoughts – not giving them power over my day. Not allowing them to rule – having the case that they matter dismissed is a huge win! Being a Guest Expert on Cityline – North America’s longest running daytime lifestyle show for women and being on Oprah's Lifeclass 3 times.

Having a life partner who’s in the vulnerability arena with me – my husband does the work too. Or it could be my feature in Forbes. Success is all relative and that’s why I created the Success Planner (which could be another great moment of success) so that women and men can choose a definition of success daily based on what matters to them the most.

HT: How do you find strength when you are going through hardship?

KP: I remind myself of the promise I made to my inner child – I promise her to always fight for her. She lost her childhood – being a survivor of child sexual abuse robbed me of my childhood so I made a promise to her that we would make our adulthood count. To never give up and to keep going no matter what. That keeps me going. 

HT: What is the one word that perfectly explains who you are?

KP: BOLD – I take risks, chances and also bet on myself no matter how lonely the road may feel.

HT: What advice do you have for women aiming for a leadership position?

KP: Apply before you’re ready! You will never have 100% of the skills required for your next role – know that you should go after it anyways. We women often hold ourselves back so my advice is to apply, raise your hands, say YES to the high-profile projects and trust that there will be someone who will help you when you start seeking for answers.

HT: What do you do to recharge when you're feeling drained?

KP:  Coloring, disconnecting from social media, and a good book. Having a Beyoncé Dance party or an Afrobeats dance party – I'm obsessed with Davido right now! Lighting my incense, candle, always grounds me.

Believe it or not cleaning – I know – but there’s something very therapeutic about getting on my hands and knees and cleaning my baseboards and seeing the dirt being wiped away.

Lastly, spending time in the park along the lake, spending time with my hubby and a warm indulgent bath.