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Photo taken from BET

Last night, Tuesday, October 16th, was the premiere of the new BET hit show ‘Hustle in Brooklyn’. Viewers got a chance to see how black millennials showcase their professional and personal lives while hustling to achieve their dreams in Brooklyn. Hellotittie got a chance to interview a few of the cast members Ivy Rivera, Santos Garcia, and Darnell King.



Ivy Rivera - From Bushwick, Brooklyn

Hellotittie: How was it working with BET?

Ivy Rivera: It was amazing! I’ve been working with BET for years before I became talent I was doing digital news. It feels like a full circle moment for me because the platform I was working for-I’m now talent.

HT: Who is your favorite cast member on the show?

IR: I love the dynamic between me and Eva! We have such a fun relationship she is hilarious and so vibrant and ambitious (just like me) we have a lot of the same traits so we feed off of each other. We also genuinely support each other.

HT: How did you get into radio?

IR: I got into radio from starting my own blog. It started off as an idea and my friends told me I should do radio [since] I already have the personality. I then took a stab at it and fell in love, which eventually got me into television and now I’m here.

HT: What advice do you have for women that want to get into radio?

IR: Be consistent! know your audience and why you are talking to them. Never stop! What made me win was I kept on going even when other podcasts fell off I was still riding, (she jokes! I started before them and I will finish without them “yuh heard”) *laughs*

HT: What does women empowerment mean to you?

IR: It means everything! We run the world! No man could ever be grateful for life without a woman. It’s very important that we support each other. I’m all about girl power and uplifting the females around me, especially women of color. I need them to know that I look at them, as [someone who is] just as important, as I look at myself.

Photo taken from BET

Photo taken from BET


Santos Garcia - From Brownsville, Brooklyn

Hellotittie: What makes you the plug of Brooklyn?

Santos Garcia: I got an opportunity to work with some people in the music industry prior to joining the show. I was working as Ne-Yo’s road manager I also did marketing & promo for Def Jam. Which made great connections, I was able to plug a lot of people so that’s why they tag me as ‘the plug’ on the show.

HT: How was it working with BET?

SG: It was amazing! They understand the culture, they understood exactly what we wanted to do. I wasn’t a big fan of reality T.V. but after speaking with the producers they knew where we wanted to take the culture. You’ll be able to see that on the show.

HT: Who is your favorite cast member on the show?

SG: Ha! You’ll have to tune into the show to see. *laughs*

HT: What advice do you have for our readers on how to be successful in their own careers?

SG: That’s a GREAT question. I would tell people to trust the process and not to get discouraged. Success will not happen overnight. You will get a bunch of “NO’s”, you only really need one or two ‘YESes’ to fulfill your dreams. Trust the process and be patient.

HT: Can you tell us a little about your company Sense 93?

SG: Sure, Sense 93 is a marketing and consulting company. While I was on the road I realized a lot of big brands wanted to get in tune with the culture. I wanted to fill that gap so I create a company to merge the two.

HT: What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

SG: Traveling.

Photo taken from BET

Photo taken from BET

Photo taken from BET

Photo taken from BET

Darnell King - From Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Hellotittie: How was it working on this new show with BET?

Darnell King: It was incredible! BET loves the culture, they saw what we were doing as entrepreneurs. The good thing about this show, it’s based in Brooklyn which is a hot spot right now! A place of greats Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Daddy King, Michael Jordan and Darnell King now *laughs*. Brooklyn is growing-it’s not what it use to be.

HT: Who is your favorite castmate on the show?

DK: Santos *laughs*

HT: Can you tell us a little about your music and how it changed your life?

DK: It changed my life because coming from a musical background, I know music speaks to everyone it’s a universal language. The way I feel when I hear music, I want others to feel that same way. It really changed my life—look, I’m on BET. Music gave me this platform.

HT: You have your own company Brick House Studios, what challenges did you face during the process of creating it?

DK: Umm…I would have to say getting capital. It wasn’t easy I had to figure out how I would structure it, build it and keep it running. When you’re a new business they say you have a couple of months to a couple of years before you faze out. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now. We recently celebrated our 1st anniversary after getting our new facility. Also, during that year I got chosen to be on this show.

HT: What business advice do you have for our readers?

DK: Always better yourself and be proactive. Your Network is your Net worth!

Meet the Entire cast

Ivy Rivera: The social butterfly serves as project manager at EOne music and has a client profile of Waka Flocka, Maino, Elle Varner and Marsha Ambrosius.

Santos Garcia: More commonly known as ‘The Plug’, Santos currently serves as a tour manager for artist Ne-Yo and does marketing and promo for Def Jam.

Azia Toussaint: Azia bares the creative trifecta as designer, model and artist. She has appeared in the videos “Panda” by Desiigner and  “Change Your Mind” by Trey Songz in addition to being a featured model in Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season”

Danielle Rosias: Bestie to castmate, Azia, Danielle can be found on every scene as a Instafamous influencer hosting events around the city while finding her path as a comedienne.

Jessie Brown: A well known name in the borough of Brooklyn, Jessie hosts the show “The Hustle Sold Separately” in addition to being a celebrity talent manager and project manager for Hitz 109.9 radio.

Eva Evans: Leaving the corporate world to pursue comedy full time, Eva is quickly making a name for herself as she also guest hosts Power 105 with Dj Self.

Ron Walker: Better known as Baggly Large, Ron is an up and coming rapper looking for his big break while he supports his family after his father’s incarceration.

For more information on Hustle in Brooklyn visit! Hellotittie is definitely excited to see what these women and men will do next!