Hellotittie got the opportunity to interview Sexpert Michelle Hope! Hope is an award-winning, educator and an entertainer, who has combined her love of pop culture, and sexuality into her events and media content to educate and motivate the masses.

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Hellotittie was lucky enough to interview a group of Remarkable Women of Color for Black History Month 2019!

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Hellotittie joined Aron Gadson in celebration for the anticipated release of his book ‘You Already Won’ and his co-host Media Mogul Yandy Smith


Hellotittie attend the first ever Dopechella brought to you by DJ Olivia Dope! You’ll be sad you missed it, but no worries, Hellotittie was there to give you in the inside scoop!

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Hellotittie got a chance to speak with Talib Kweli’s personal chef — Chef Marivee at her brunch party earlier this month! Read about her passion for cooking, along with some tips on how to eat clean.

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Hellotittie had the pleasure to attend the Annual Gala, Masquerade Ball hosted by Digital Girl Incorporated. At the event, Hellotittie was able to meet and interview some amazing women!


We attended the premiere of the new BET hit show ‘Hustle In Brooklyn’ and got a chance to interview a few of the cast members. We touched base on their careers and how it was working with BET.


Listen to what 6 dope and up-and-coming artists had to say to Hellotittie at the second annual Drip Jamboree Raged!


Learn about the place that is responsible for giving us what we’ve always wanted all in one place; booze, cake, and conversation! Hellotittie spoke to Co-Owner and Founder of Butter & Scotch, Allison Kave about the bar, the $12,000+ they have raised for Planned Parenthood and more!


March is Women's History Month!

We were lucky enough to interview four women from different industries. Click on the title or 'Learn More' link to view the interviews.


February is Black History Month!

In 2018, we were lucky enough to interview a group of Phenomenal Women of Color. Click on the title or 'Learn More' link to view the interviews.


Tina Bugatti, Kota The Friend, The Official JL and Travis Little came together and performed some of their music. We got the opportunity to sit down and talk to all four of the artists before they performed. Click the title or lean more link to read the full article about each artist.