Zendaya Offers Modeling Contract To A Bullied Girl on Twitter

We love Zendaya for so many reasons. She is beautiful, kind, incredibly talented, and an amazing role model for her fans. However, one of our biggest reasons has got to be the way she builds women up no matter who they are. A few days ago, Zendaya did this in the best possible way for one girl on Twitter.

When she came across a boy who was criticizing a girl for the way she looked. “Never trust a top half posting ass female” @starpowerXCV tweeted with two pictures comparing the girl’s face to her entire body.

Photo taken from Twitter

Photo taken from Twitter

When Zendaya found this tweet, she did not just let it slide but instead condemned @StarpowerXCV for his tweet saying,

“she is fine as hell head to toe and guaranteed doesn’t know you exist my man.”

She then went to her followers and asked them to find the girl in the photos so she could offer her a modeling contract for her clothing line, Daya by Zendaya.

Zendaya’s fans followed through and quickly found the Twitter user in the pictures who goes by Honey Dip.

“I’m really speechless right now,”

Honey Dip tweeted following the offer.

“Becoming a plus sized model has been my number one goal.”

The Daya by Zendaya clothing line Twitter followed up with Honey Dip, Tweeting

“We are ready when you are!!!”

and again Tweeted at her saying they needed her information so they could sign her as a model for the company.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

All hail Zendaya our Queen for always reminding us that every woman is beautiful no matter what shape or size they are. Every woman deserves to feel that way in their own bodies and we are so thankful there are women out there like Zendaya to remind us of that.