Your Zodiac Sign As Alcoholic Drinks


You’re all fire, Aries, so it shouldn’t shock you that if you were an alcoholic beverage you would obviously be Fireball! A hard liquor for sure but one that has a fiery kick and one you don’t mind drinking all night long.


Gif taken from The Odyssey

Gif taken from The Odyssey

You have a taste for the finer things in life and a taste for things that taste good. You’re a sexy Cosmopolitan, Taurus. You have your top shelf vodka mixed with some juice and triple sec. Even when dealing with the hard stuff (life or vodka) you’re sure to enjoy yourself by adding something sweet.


A Snakebite. This is a drink usually found in the UK. It’s half hard cider, half beer, and topped off with black currant liquor. It’s refreshing yet sweet with a little extra liquor for a little extra party. Just like you, Gem.


Gif taken from player.98fm

Gif taken from player.98fm

Aw, Cancer, you’re a glass of Prosecco if I’ve ever seen one. You’re sweet and bubbly but if you have too much you’ll end up drunk and crying with a headache in the morning.


You’re a tequila shot all the way - with salt and lime, no chaser. You love to party and you’re always down for a shot. You are the center of attention in any type of party atmosphere so it makes sense you would be tequila since it’s actually an upper!


Oh, you’re a glass red wine, Virgo. Hands down. Even in a relationship you like to be savored and appreciated just like a fine, red wine.


You’re an ice-cold beer, Libra. Balanced through and through. Ready to either go hard and do a keg stand or down to have chill night with friends. You’re a cool customer, Libra, just like a cold beer.


Gif taken from

Gif taken from

Little Scorpio, people see you as mysterious and sexy so no surprise you would be a Martini. You seem like you have it all together with a sophisticated air about you. You can handle intense; you’re a martini ordered dry.


You’re so impulsive (sometimes borderline reckless), Sag, you could be nothing other than a Long Island Iced Tea. You’ll either end up at a warehouse party in Bushwick with 40 of your newest, closest friends or philosophizing and watching the sunrise with your crush of the night.


Whiskey. Neat. You’re all business (even when you party), Capricorn, so it makes total sense you would go straight for the hard stuff. You know what you like and you know what will get the job done. And you look chic as hell doing it. 


You’re unconventional and basic liquors like vodka and tequila are not for you. You’re a gin and tonic. That bitter taste that packs a punch. Maybe you’re the only one of your friends to order this. You’re a perfect combination sure to always stand out.


Malibu Bay breeze for you, Pisces. (Happy Pisces Season by the way!) More than likely you are very connected to the water so a drink with the coconut flavor of Malibu may transport you right to your happy place: the beach.