Young Models Are Being Sexually Assaulted And Not Getting Paid, Find Out The Truth About The Fashion Industry

The Fashion industry may be making strides to become more inclusive, but they still have a long way to go. Many models have taken it upon themselves to speak out on the injustice they have faced while working in the industry. decided to survey models asking them a simple question: "How do you, the model, want to be treated?" This simple question has many models revealing their own terrifying stories. 

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Model, Fernanda Ly, had one of the most shocking reveals when she said she had been sexually assaulted while on a job.

"There are too many who take advantage of a model's young age and use this to their self-satisfaction. A regular, normal minded human should not be attempting to prey on a girl who is there to work and is afraid of speaking up (as being someone 'hard to work with' may cost you a job)." 

Model, Sidney Gaston, spoke about a particular moment in London Fashion Week where a casting director did not pay her.

"During London Fashion Week 2016, I felt dizzy and sick at a 90-minute static presentation: I went off the stage and told the casting director that I can’t keep going because otherwise, I might faint while another model was throwing up three feet away from me. She told me I have to go on-stage otherwise I’m not getting paid. I wasn’t paid anyway.”

 There were many models that submitted their experiences anonymously. It is a risk for many models to reveal the truth because it may prevent them from ever getting modeling jobs again. One anonymous model, wrote about discrimination that she faced because she is transgender.

 "They somehow considered it a risk–that it would draw too much attention, something they thought would affect the brand negatively." 

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