Young Inventor Alexzander Knoll Meets His Hero Ellen Degeneres! Who Leaves Him With A Surprise Gift

Alexzander Knoll, a 12-year old inventor and entrepreneur from Post Falls, grew emotional when he met his idol last week.

Knoll bursted into tears when he sat down next to Ellen Degeneres on her show, which was taped Tuesday and aired Thursday afternoon.

“You’re my hero, and just thank you so much for having me on. This is incredible,” said Knoll.

Degeneres invited Knoll on her show to talk about his creation, Ability App. It is an app and website that will help people with disabilities navigate public spaces and find safe, reliable and employment opportunities.

“It’s amazing,” she told him as her audience cheered out loud.

Knoll told his story from the beginning as to why he decided to pursue this path.

“It all started when I saw a man in a wheelchair that couldn't open a manual door. So I wondered if there was an app that could have told him if there were any other stores around the area that had automatic doors. That day, I went home and did some research and couldn't find anything like Ability App so I created it,” was what he told Degeneres.
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Knoll was demonstrating how the app works to Degeneres and audience. He said he needed to raise capital and funding to fully develop the Ability App. He managed to only raise $350. Knoll discussed how he spends his time in public speaking and uses social media to keep his followers aware of the hardships that disabled individuals deal with in everyday life.

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Degeneres said she would introduce Knoll to her digital team to help his ideas bloom even further. She also surprised him with $25,000, courtesy of Shutterfly, to help the app get off the ground. The twelve year old was overwhelmed with excitement, admiration, and tears when Degeneres signed the check.

“You’re my hero,” she told Knoll at the end of the segment.