Why You Should Meditate

With more and more people are publicizing its life-changing benefits, it’s safe to say that mediation has pretty much gone mainstream. Unlike juice cleanses or detoxes, meditation can actually do a lot of good to your mind, body, and existence.  

It’s easy to look at the buzz surrounded meditation and think it is just a trend but really it is a thousand-year-old practice. Meditation is the practice of calming your mind and stopping everyday stressors in their track. When you mediate you turn all your energy inward and get yourself out of self-defense mode.  It’s like pressing the pause button on life and giving yourself the opportunity to breathe and repair yourself.

I started mediating about two years ago when my anxiety and depression was through the roof. When I first started I thought it was some hippy-dippy practice that help worth a lick. But I was proven wrong and I could not be more thankful that I started. Now I won’t convince every naysayer out there that mediation actually works but there’s plenty of solid evidence to back up my experience.

Here are some reasons (backed by science of course) why you should meditate.

Bye Bye Depression
Studies suggests that 30 minutes of mediation can improve depression symptoms. This is also true with anxiety and pain. Some scientists believe that this practice could possibly prevent depression and pain altogether. Scientists discovered that people who mediate have more control over how their brain process negative sensations like pain and depression triggers.

Less Stress
When you mediate you’re able to override a part of the brain responsible for releasing the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. Some studies suggest that mediation can cut back on anxiety by about 40 percent. 25 minutes of meditation, three times a week can help make tasks feel less stressful.

Better Relationships
Not only does meditation help you be more present in relationships, but it also helps you approach situations with a calm mind and body. Meditation may help you avoid blowouts when dealing with a relationship issues. Studies suggest that people who mediate try to problem-solve with their partner with less hostility.  Mediating can help you better recognize your emotions and the emotions of others.

Catch More Zs
Quieting the mind enough to actually sleep is hard in a world where we take our phones and tablets to bed with us. This is where mediation comes in, recent science suggests that mediation can help treat insomnia but it can help keep your mind in check throughout the day and reduce your stress leading to a better, more restful night’s sleep.

Photo taken from businessinsider.com

Photo taken from businessinsider.com

There reasons we mediate are as varied as the many ways there are to meditate. Meditation can make you happier, make you look more youthful, make you nicer, and improve your immune system. Now that you’re armed with knowledge, you can now pick up the practice. You can listen to guided mediation or just jump in one day. Even one minute day helps!