Why Women Should Embrace Lingerie?

My friends, if you know me, you know that I have a little obsession with lingerie. Garter belts and corsets are divine and there is just something about matching your bra with your panties that just makes me feel complete. It really is my happy place. 

But I’m so sick and tired of hearing that lingerie is only for pleasing men. Honestly, like, bitch, please! If you are wearing (not to mentioning purchasing) a beautiful bra and underwear, don’t you think for a second it’s just for the guy you’re sleeping with. 

Half the guys try to take it off so fast, you’re like, “Excuse me did you notice that this is lace?” So I’m going to say that wearing lingerie solely to impress your guy is just not a good enough reason. But there are plenty of others! 

Lingerie makes you feel instantly sexy

When you’re not feeling your best and it’s one of those mornings where you can’t find anything to wear, put on some lace lingerie. It gives you a little secret that only you know about. You feel good underneath your clothes. It always makes me feel immediately sexy and adds a little pep to my step. 

Lingerie is a form of expression

It’s one thing if you’re wearing a light colored top and you need to wear a nude bra, I get it. But don’t be afraid to deviate from classic white, black, and nude to a color, pattern, or fabric that really resonates with you. You put together outfits that represent you, why not put the same thought into your bra and underwear. 

Lingerie leads to good foreplay

You want your guy to see it right? (You spent money on it, didn’t you?) So makehim see it. Play it nice and slow. Don’t let him undress you too quickly. Really have him look at it and touch you still in your lingerie. Delaying what you want makes for intense satisfaction. 

Lingerie can give you confidence

At least for me, wearing lingerie grants me a sense of confidence and really connects me to my sexuality. It gives me a confidence boost whether I’m wearing it under a dress at work or in the bedroom. It empowers me and makes me feel beautiful and sexy. It’s a treat for me. And make no mistake, I know it’s not the lingerie itself that makes me feel this way – it’s the decision I made to wear it.