Why Some Women Need To Give Up Overthinking!

To be completely honest with you lovely people, I’ve recently fallen into the trap of overthinking. While dating boys who didn’t like me enough and going through the saga of wondering why he didn’t text me back, this is a habit that I actively put to bed in my very earlier twenties. And I’ve been pretty good at keeping the self-destructive behavior of overthinking at bay. But now, years later, flooded with new changes and real adult problems, overthinking has started to play peek-a-boo in my consciousness.

Overthinking is a pattern, we as women tend to fall into. I think it’s definitely something we all, collectively, should work to give up. And here are a bunch of reasons as to why overthinking is actually detrimental to our mental health.

Overthinking keeps us from being present

Gif taken froom space.ca

Gif taken froom space.ca

When we begin overthinking, we spend too much time in our heads. We rerun different scenarios in our minds, desperately trying to figure out what is bothering us. We are not aware of the actual present moment. We miss what is right in front of us.

We lose perspective

When we are wringing our minds for an answer we don’t have, we aren’t able to see the clues that are right in front of us. We become increasingly distracted and distraction prohibits us from focusing and making the best decisions. The world will always give us what we need and we may miss it if we’re stuck in our heads.

Overthinking can induce anxiety and stress

Gif taken from Tenor.com

Gif taken from Tenor.com

When you allow thousands of thoughts and outcomes run through your mind, you can drive yourself into a panic. You can work yourself up. Whenever I find myself overthinking, I increasingly stress myself out, my heart rate rises, and it spikes my anxiety. And all this can take a physical toll on you and can lead to panic attacks, poor sleep, and even breakouts!

Remember: It’s not necessary to worry about what hasn’t happened yet 

Everything you are overthinking about is most likely something that is currently out of your control. There is no use worrying about something that you don’t have the power to predict or change. Instead focus on the present moment and make a plan. That’s all you can do. Everything else is an unnecessary burden to you.