According To Cardi B Having Sex With TV On Gives "The Best Lighting "

In a recent video Cardi B tells all her fan and followers that a conclusion has been made as what is the best lighting to have sex under. The rapper makes a lot of relevant points that had us thinking, what is the best lighting? Lights on? Lights off? But Cardi votes neither! She suggest to keep the TV on for the best lighting.

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Cardi B starts off by saying with the lights on you might see too much that will distract you from climaxing. Maybe you’ll see some gross old pizza on the floor that makes you think about how gross and dirty boys are. Or you might see a picture of him and his family that tiggers your daddy and mommy issues. Or worst, you get distracted after seeing your parent has a crazy pimple that you want to pop on his as cardi said “his pitbull face”

(This pit actually SO cute ^_^)

Then with lights off you might see something scary she says. This one I really felt because being in total darkness is actually really scary. Sure you can not see too much but you can see enough for your mind to wonder. We start to see random shapes then our mind turns them into monsters and ghosts. Very spooky. Now this is why Cardi recommends keeping the TV on with the lights off. The room is just dim enough to keep you focused on what you guys came to do and the TV shines enough light so that your mind does not start to see nothing too spooky.

So what do you think? Light on? Lights off? Or TV on?