Which Dating App Is For You?

So who’s ready to line up some dates in 2018? I’ll be honest with you guys, I love going on dates. Going on dates is a blast. If you’re newly single or just itching to try some apps for the first time – let me guide you. Trust me, I have dabbled in all of them.

Swipe on Tinder if…

You’re a go with the flow kind of girl. You don’t really know what you’re looking or you’re just looking to see where things go. If you want to be taken out and looking to meet a few cool people. Don’t go in with any expectations. I like Tinder a lot because people usually aren’t trying to get involved right away.

Download OkCupid if…

You are straight up looking for a relationship. In my personal experience, everyone on okCupid is super serious. They have a lot of compatibility questions and you can see your compatibility percentage with a match. People on this app aren’t playing around. Also people tend to have longer conversations on this app as compared to Tinder.

Use Bumble if…

Gif taken from mammamia.com

Gif taken from mammamia.com

You’re tired of the patriarchal bullshit of a guy having to make the first move. Ball’s in your court here, girl, since you have the responsibility of messaging first. Also great if you’re super picky with who you choose to chat with. And you’re way less likely to get dick pics if you select the men who can message you.

Try out The League if…

Gif taken from Popsugar

Gif taken from Popsugar

A career is a deal breaker for you. The League is super legit because you have to give them your LinkedIn profile to even make an account. And they totally check all your social media handles to make sure you’re a real person and all that. You can actually end up on the waiting list for months. But it’s the best app for people who “have their life together” and are set in a career path. They value ambition and education, so if you do too, this is the app for you.

Don’t forget, ladies, swipe safely! Always have your first date in a public place and always trust your gut when choosing to meet up with someone. Other than that, happy swiping!