What The Heck Is Hair Botox?

Recently someone mentioned to me that they do Hair Botox. I was so taken back and surprised. In my mind, I pictured some crazy procedure with needles to your head. When actually it is a deep conditioner that makes your hair smooth and versatile to style.

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that coats your hair with filler similar to keratin. This filler aids with the broken of thinning areas on individual hair strands. The process results in fuller and shiny looking hair. If you are looking for a straighter smoother hair without real heavy chemicals then hair botox could be for you. 

The deep conditioning treatment is popular because it is fast, you get results in around 2 hours. Some trusted brands to try out if you are interested include,

Majestic Hair Botox , Inoar BotoHair and Nurtree Bottox Expert .