What?? Check Out Kylie’s Ironic Wall Of Condoms

Kylie Jenner let Architectural Digest take a look at her Los Angeles home and they were shocked to see Jenner’s wall of...condoms. Yup, condoms! It’s called irony, guys! We were pretty shocked to see that as well. But hey, we could dig it.


Jenner is a billionaire and is able to afford amazing things like her home. Enjoy a hilarious of video of the youngest Jenner talking about her home and the camera goes to her Infamous wall of condoms.

Apparently, these condom sculptures are by artist Beau Dunn’s from her Size Does Matter series, and it's unclear how much they cost. However, a regular box of Trojans will set you back $5.99

What do ya’ll think?? Is it art? Art is the eye of the beholder.