Ways to Save Money in 2017

People are always looking for ways to save money. Saving money from spending it on rent to groceries, is at an all time high. Here are 5 ways to saving money from January to May 2017.

January: Book a cheap holiday getaway
Your New Year's Eve resolution next year, 2017 may be to travel more.  Depending on where you go this may be the most money you spend all year. The best time to travel is right after the holidays, right when all the airline prices drop and everyone is back from vacation. The earlier you book your flight the cheaper it will be. Expiedia.com has some cheap flights that you can check out. 

February: Do your taxes
Christmas comes around twice a year. First on December 25th and second on the day you receive your tax return. You can start filling out your taxes next year on January 23th until April 17th, but sooner is always better. You can file your own taxes and save more money with TurboTax.com

March: Review your retirement plan
This may not help you save money right away, but in the long run it will be a life saver. Also, when reviewing your retirement plan you need to make sure you have the right amount going into your insurance. You may want to change your plan to keep more money in your paycheck now or put more into the retirement plan to save for the future.

April: Use your refund wisely
By this point if you were responsible and filed your taxes early then you should receive a return by April. Before you even get your tax refund you already know all the things you want to buy. Some people indulge because they think they are getting all this “free” money. But don't spend all your money at once because you will regret it later. 

May: minimize shopping
From May to the ending of the year you should minimize the amount of money you spend. Only buy things that are essential. Keeping a list to keep track of your spending habits is a helpful way to know where your money went, it's also a great way to eliminate things you don't really need.