Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Negative Thought Cycle

When unexpected circumstances that throw us off balance unfold in our lives, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts. Our mind does this to keep us safe; to prepare us for the worst. But I mean that was way back in the time when like a wild animal could eat us. (Not that one couldn’t eat us now – but you know what I mean.) Psychologists tell us that negative thoughts are an element of being human but it doesn’t mean we have to believe them. 

When we are constantly filling our minds with negative thoughts, when one thought leads to a worse thought, and we start to believe them or they begin to control what we do – that’s when this kind of thinking becomes unhealthy. 

So here are some ways to fight the cycle of negative thoughts. 


Actually stop the thoughts. I recently wrote about the emotional exhaustion of overthinking. (Can you tell I’ve been having a stressful few weeks?) And in my phase of negative thinking, so many of my friends suggested meditation as a form of treatment. Stop the thoughts and give your mind a well deserved rest. 

Acknowledge the thoughts but move on

I am definitely the type of person who subconsciously blames themselves for how they feel. I will get so down on myself for even having entertained the thought. And that’s not helpful either. It is healthy to acknowledge the negative thought, give yourself time to understand that it isn’t true just because you thought it, and let it go. 

Combat with happiness

Negative thoughts are a part of being human – well, so are happy ones! For every negative thought you have, give yourself permission to think of a positive one. Switch your perspective and fill yourself with a possibility. It doesn’t have to magically make you optimistic, but it will balance you out. 

Work with positive affirmations

Thinking positive thoughts is a great way to start changing the way you’re thinking but positive affirmations can help long term. Thinking and saying something that will positively affect you is a great way to improve your thought cycle in general. They can lead to a better attitude and perspective. They are meant to encourage you. So challenge yourself to craft some good ones.

Good and positive vibes to all you wonderful women out there! Xoxo Don’t forget the happy thoughts!