Vogue Style Director Steps Down After Birthday Controversy

In the year 2019, Black History Month has received so much racial controversy it could possibly last throughout the year. From black face to blatant racism, the community has received setbacks most couldn’t fathom. Well here is another one, Vogue Brazil’s style director resigned after she threw a slavery themed birthday party. Yes, you read that correctly...no typos here, just foolishness within a sentence.

Donata Meirelles was a Style Director at Vogue Brazil until she hosted her 50th birthday party recently. The popular affair had the who’s who of Brazil along with Afro Brazilian women who (from what is seen from a picture) were hired as props. The internet did what it does best and lit her behind up once this picture was released.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

Meirelles claimed the party didn’t have a slavery theme behind it but journalist Fabio Bernardo’s post, then delete showed a different story. Meirelles’ explained,

"Since it was Friday and the party was in Bahia, many guests and the receptive[s] were in white, as tradition says. But it is also worth clarifying: in the published photos, the chair was not a Sinha chair, but a candomblé chair, and the clothes were not a maid, but party dresses from Bahia. Still, if it looked otherwise, I'm sorry.”

This apology came after the lighting of the behind of course.

Even though the apology was given man people were not pleased with the outfit choices made by the former style director. Rita Batista, an Afro Brazilian journalist, took to her Instagram to express how she felt about the picture. She captioned a comparison of a photo from slavery,

"When they went out into the streets with their ladies or children, they were displayed in fine, jeweled garments. The slave herself was an object of the owner's ostentation, a luxury object to be shown publicly."

The Afro Brazilian women photographed above were definitely dressed in the best articles of clothing and jewelry, but again from Meirelles’ side the party was not based off of slavery.

Vogue Brazil took a big step after the scandal with a formal apology.

"Vogue Brazil apologizes profusely for what happened and hopes that the discussions generated have served as a learning opportunity," they said. "We take the reflection generated to broaden the voices within the team and create, on a permanent basis, a forum formed by activists and scholars who will help define contents and images that combat these inequalities."

The elaborate message came after Meirelles’ resigned of course;

"We understand and respect her resignation and will be eternally grateful for all the passion and talent she has dedicated to every page she has edited."

Donata’s role will not be replaced because they created the role for her specifically.