Victoria Beckham Making Her Beauty Line Sustainable

Victoria Beckham has recently announced that she will be releasing her own beauty line, named after her, Victoria Beckham Beauty. Her beauty line will sit alongside her fashion line on According to Popsugar, the fashion icon wants to help take care of women both inside and out. Her beauty line will include all must have items in makeup, skin care, fragrance and wellness. She will be receiving help by Sarah Creal, who helped her with her Estee Lauder collection and will be Co-founder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

Since revealing the launch of her beauty line, Victoria Beckham has announce that her beauty line will be very sustainable. By very sustainable, Victoria Beckham stated,

“since all the packaging is post-consumer and about keeping the quality high, but being more democratic. So, we are pushing prices a little lower.”

She doesn’t plan on selling her beauty products at major department stores, aside from unique boutiques. Her line will be based in New York but will be premiering at London Fashion Week in September.

What’s good about Victoria Beckham’s beauty line being sustainable, is that the products will both help women gain more confidence while also helping save the planet. And anything that helps save the planet is always a good thing. What is concerning is although she says she is pushing for lower prices, most products that do go the sustainable route can be a bit pricey. That shouldn’t stop from being purchased because it is good both for people and the environment, but not a lot of people can afford certain things. With the new launch coming in Fall 2019, we will be able to see how the beauty line will go and if the price matches the products.