Valentine's Day: What Do Men Think?

As we all shop at our nearest Targets and Walgreens, we all can’t help but to be bombarded with the ideograph that is known as the "heart”. Which can only mean one thing—Valentine’s Day is upon the horizon.

If you check your spam folder, you’re more than likely to have at least one email commemorating the Roman holiday with promotions from chocolates to flowers. For most, it’s one day out of the year that you go out of your way to do something special for that special person aka put on some sexy lingerie and blast some 90s R&B. While for others, it’s just another unfortunate reminder that they are alone, and disregarded by society until further notice.

For the most part the holiday is targeted to women, even though they are the higher percentage recipients. So much so that according to a survey by, men will spend an average of $339, while women will only spend $64. Meanwhile, women are only expecting their partner to spend around $154.

Being that men are the big spenders, I decided to examine the male psyche for the holiday. In a survey conducted by the Huffington Post, most men who’ve felt pressure on Valentine’s Day attributable to either not knowing what to buy or not wanting to be one upped by the next guy or last year’s gift. In the same survey, men described gift giving on Valentine’s Day as your man having “man-cave and every year you have to redecorate his beloved man-cave. Every year he is expecting you to pour out your love for him through this man-cave, and he can’t wait to see what you’ve created for him.” I found this comparison extremely interesting and kind of intense. Society is ultimately to blame for placement of such a expensive burden, but it’s not always what you spend that shows your love and care.

According to a survey on, the top 5 rated gifts for Valentine’s Day were a romantic dinner, chocolate, flowers, a massage and a home-cooked meal, which seems to me that it’s more about the romance that women are looking for, not the most expensive piece of jewelry. Don’t get me wrong— everyone likes nice things, but a nice gesture definitely goes a long way and has a longer life span.

So ladies, try to take it easy on your partner this year, it’s bad enough society has them spending double than what you’re expecting.