Treat Yo Self! Live Lavishly This Valentines By Treating Ya Self

This Valentines Day, we need to make a pact. Us girls are powerful and we need to celebrate ourselves by rewarding the fact that we the bomb. Am I right??  Honestly, it is so important to recognize the growth that we’ve all made. Whether that means getting our nails done, buying ourselves chocolate or spending this V-Day with your girls, just remember...treat yo self!

Humans are driven by rewards and punishments. If we reward our good behavior every once in awhile, science points to the fact we will continue that positive behavior. Don’t argue with science eat that cake, get your hair done, reward your growth and how far you’ve come! Love YOURSELF by providing for YOURSELF this Valentines!

You have every right to treat ya self every once and awhile. I know we are trying to budget or eat healthy, but it’s the day of love! Splurge a little!

How do you plan on treating yourself this Valentines Day? Let us know!