Track by Track Review of ‘Reputation’ By Taylor Swift

I know I’m not the only one listening to Taylor Swift’s newest album, Reputation. Now, I wasn’t an original die hard Taylor fan. I loved “1989” and explored her discography from there. Totally respect her as an artist but this record, I have some thoughts. So here is my humble opinion track by track.

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…Ready for It?
A bit too dubstep-y for me. I like dubstep to dance to but that’s not what I’m really looking for from Taylor. I think other artists do it better. But would dance to it in a club.

End Game
Hmm. I don’t hate it. I like Future’s verse and I really love Ed Sheeran’s. Honestly I like the song except the “Big Reputation” part. I find it kind of annoying.

I Did Something Bad
This reminds me of circus or a carnival. Very theatrical so I kind of like it. I can get behind this one. I feel like this can grow on me.

Don’t Blame Me
BEST TRACK ON THE ALBULM. In my opinion. I think it’s so sexy and so catchy. I love it. I’ve listened on repeat. It’s such a complete song where I find others a bit disjointed. I just want to chair dance to this. So recommend. Also her vocals at the end are killer. My favorite Taylor.


This one kind of reminds me of “Wildest Dreams” so if you like that one, I think you’d like this. Reminds me of “1989”. Yes, I like this one. Relatable and a nice listen. The song is actually delicate.

Look What You Made Me Do
I mean it’s catchy. I guess. I personally don’t relate to this song too much. The message always seemed petty to me. I’d sing every word to it drunk at a bar but I don’t really care for it sober.

So It Goes…
I like it. Doesn’t really resonate with me in any way. But like a good pop song.

This one. I’m like half and half. I really like the verses but I’m not a huge fan of the chorus. Which is kind of weird. The more I listen the more I like it. I wouldn’t skip.

Getaway Car
I like this one. It also reminds me of old Taylor (I know she’s dead!) It makes me feel happy and romantic. It’s really pretty. I’m a fan.

King of My Heart
Another one that’s reminiscent of “1989”. I really like the harmonies in the chorus. I want to sing along to this chorus.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied
I really like this one. I personally relate to this one. I want to dance to this and also cry. A bit of an 80s beat. Love the bridge. Good chorus, good verse. About being with someone who you know won’t work out. Sad but you want to dance. 

This one is very light and breathy but it’s very sexy. This would get me in the mood. I kind of want to dance very sensually to this. This song is sensual.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
I know this one is about Kim and Kanye and I’m not about that drama but I really like this song. It’s so damn catchy. And she laughs in the middle and I hate to say it but it just like gets me. I feel like it’s immature but like I love it.

Call It What You Want
This is probably my second favorite on the album. I love the subject matter of someone loving you “like you’re brand new”. I also love the melody. A really beautiful song about feeling secure in a relationship. Makes me feel warm.

New Year’s Day
I also love this one. It’s the only acoustic-y one on the album. Lots of fun harmonies and rounds. It’s a very simple and honest love song. Stripped down. Such a perfect song to end the album on, in my opinion.

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