Trace Ellis Ross Authentically Conquers Instagram 

Today's world, it is hard to remain authentic within the social media world. It is easy to fall into the pressure to be “perfect” when we see others living a certain lifestyle. But it is people like Trace Ellis Ross that we look up to for being unapologetic on Instagram.

Trace is an American actress, comedian, and model known for her most recent role of Dr. Rainbow Johnson on Blackish. Fame is not foreign to her. She grew up in the limelight since her mom was the legendary recording artist Diane Ross. Maybe this is why she is so in tuned with herself. Growing up famous is hard, I’m sure, but you become used to the fame and know how to move accordingly. Now, this is not something we can all relate to however opening yourself to the world on social media is.

On her Instagram Trace reminds us to embrace and showcase every part of ourselves. That is the thing; Trace has learned to accept herself. That is why we all accept and love her.  She encourages us to accept through her post. She will post bare faced, hair a mess while she works because it is the truth.

Her quirky and positive outlook dares us to be ourselves. This is one lady you have to follow.