Top 3 Times Beyonce Broke The Internet

Our Beloved Beyonce is not that much of a Social Media user but when our homegirl drops something on Instagram, it’s usually a gem. Here are, in our opinion, the times Beyonce slayed the game and let’s face it; the internet was not prepared.

Beyonce blesses us with this look, On Tittie Tuesday (2/12) and we are so grateful. We are living for the white and she is giving us such amazing 80’s vibes. We luv ya, B and ya fashion sense!

The “Crazy In Love” singer breaks the internet once again with this look. Her makeup, flawless. Her outfit, flawless. We get it, woke up like dis!!

What does this look remind ya’ll of? It’s definitely giving us fairy meets butterfly, meets Goddess of The Sky? Once again, Beyonce, you left us shook.

Last but definitely not least, we are feeling this orange jumpsuit in this Insta pic.

Child! This is a lewk. A vibe! We are loving the pose, the jumpsuit and those white sunnies. Beyonce definitely knows how to get down and dirty. Beyonce looks like money and she isn’t afraid to show it. Girl, do you boo!