Tips To Staying In Touch With Friends

I’m a girl who has a lot of friends and not a lot of free time. My one friend called me today and sighed and said, “This adulting thing is hard” in reference to our friend circle trying to get together to exchange Christmas presents. (I know! Still!) I also saw my other friend post on Facebook that her New Years resolution was to stay better in touch with friends. I think this is an issue we all battle. How to make time for friends who all have busy schedules. Here are some strides I’m taking to conquer this problem.

Call friends on the phone


Sometimes schedules will never work out. Or you just have friends who live too damn far away. Sometimes you really need a friend and you can’t find the time to get drinks or dinner. And to be honest, I have a little bit of phone anxiety but I never regret picking up the phone to call a friend. Staying in touch via text doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Schedule plans way in advance

I feel like that sounds so type A and like mom-like. But I swear my really good friends know that they have to plan things at the beginning of the month for me to really commit to them. And then once you plan in advance, you have something special to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Send a card

Guys, some of my favorite things ever are greeting cards and stationary. I love the personal touch of handwriting. Sending letters is a lost art, I swear. But like think about how excited you get when you get mail that isn’t a bill. I get as excited as when I realize a dress has pockets. Surprise a friend with a thoughtful message; they’ll feel loved and appreciated.

Send a support text

It’s impossible to talk to every one of our friends every single day. And it’s easy to let a month or so go by without talking. Everyone’s busy and I totally get it. But every now and then, send a quick “I support you in all that you do” text when you see on twitter that she is having a bad day. Just a little encouragement so your friend feels the love no matter what. Send the love in the little ways you can.