Tip When Buying Wigs From Amazon

Being able to shop online has been such a blessing. You can surf the web for just about anything you need. Amazon has transformed this industry making online shopping too easy. You can buy everything from baby diapers to lace fronts in one spot. The best part is, with Amazon Prime your order can qualify free two-day shipping. It is honestly amazing.

However, you should be wary when shopping on Amazon. So many times before the item I see online and order is not the one I receive in the mail. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. Do not let this discourage you, I have recently bought a wig on Amazon and developed this little checklist to help you with the process. 

1.    Look at the reviews. I would never buy a wig when there are no reviews. It is not trusting at all, like why are there no reviews? Suspect A.F.

2.    Are there any customer images? Those are my favorite! Seeing how the wig lays is totally reassuring.

3.    Check out the ratings. If there are reviews there's have to be ratings. The more ratings, the more confident I feel in making a decision. A solid 3.5+ is required before I consider putting you in my cart.

4.    Search up the seller. Is it an unknown seller or a popular seller that has different products and good ratings? 

5.    Compare prices. Some many sellers are selling the same exact product but different price tags. Look around and make sure you really are getting the best deal.