Tinashe On Surviving R.Kelly Reactions: “It’s Annoying” 

Tinashe might have sang the song “All Hands On Deck” but she wants y’all to be in arms when it comes to Robert Kelly. Recently the Rent cast member spoke on the docu-series Surviving R.Kelly and she is far, far from pleased. She said the series was,

“tragic, sickening, disgusting... hard to watch.” She also felt that this is the time to hold people accountable; in normal life and in the music industry (literally). She said, “It's important that we keep holding people accountable.”

She then spoke on how annoyed she was that the public was just connecting the dots. She explained, “It's annoying...beyond annoying, infuriating that it would take this long for people to get upset about it because, to me, it seems like we've kind of known about these facts for quite a while.” Well that’s that, no one is taking Robert’s mess and Tinashe is not taking the drama he has caused. Make sure to check out Tinashe in Rent on Fox January 27th.