Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year: The Silence Breakers 

I saw a BBC update sitting on my home screen, “Person of the Year: Time honours abuse ‘silence breakers’”. I cannot express how extremely proud I am of all of the women who spoke out against sexual harassment and assault this year. I am very thankful that Time Magazine recognized, applauded, and highlighted their courage as Person of the Year.

A lot of women I know as well as  myself were deeply affected by the “Me Too” Movement and I was overwhelmed with the support that I received for speaking up myself. This morning, I was again overwhelmed by the acknowledgement of these women who were deemed “The Silence Breakers” by Time Magazine.  

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

The women on the cover included Ashley Judd, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, Taylor Swift, and Isabel Pascual. Various additional women were also featured in the article including housekeeper, Juana Melara, actor, Selma Blair, state senator, Sara Gelser, former dishwasher, Sandra Pezqueda, among others.  

This is a true representation of the diverse, strong women in America all of whom were brave enough to speak out – proving again that sexual assault is present in many cultural and professional landscapes. Accompanying these women, men like director, Blaise Godbe Lipman and actor, Terry Crews shared their stories of sexual assault and harassment in their industries. 

“I always thought maybe things could change for my daughter. I never thought things could change for me,”
Photo taken from TIME Magazine 

Photo taken from TIME Magazine 

journalist, Megyn Kelly revealed in the piece. For a long time I believed something along the lines of Kelly’s sentiment. That sexual assault and harassment was a practice that was always going to exist, one that I would have to always brace for. We are now, perhaps, changing that. 

For women who speak up to receive not only recognition but praise on such a platform truly gives me hope for the future of this country. It gives me hope that we have the power and the ability to change as country. 

Seeing the support, gratitude, and pride flow through my newsfeed, I think to myself, “Today is a good day. Today is a win.” 

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