This Mercury Retrograde Will Really Have You In Tears But It Will Be Okay

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019 is here! From March 5th to March 28th this unavoidable and inconvenient nuisance will take over. This retrograde will bring technical glitches, relationship meltdowns, hidden agendas and scheduling confusion.

Elle magazine reminds us that, “this retrograde will be backstroking through Pisces' compassionate water.” This can soften the blow and gives us a glimpse of hope. However, since Pisces is known as an emotional sign you’re also likely to become easily frustrated by the smallest things. 

Being that Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac it is all about wrapping things up. Cosmopolitan says,

"This retrograde gives you plenty of time to review what matters to you and tie up any loose ends."

Mercury retrograde in Pisces is charging you to direct your energy on your imagination, emotional connections, and communicating your feelings to others. You might feel frustrated, anxious and maybe depressed but everything comes to an end. Soon you will see the new beginnings are on the horizon.