They DRAGGED Khloé Kardashian Over Her Search For A "Sweet-Looking Biracial Baby Doll"

Ever since she gave birth to baby True back in April, Khloé Kardashian has been the victim of mom-shaming by critics on social media too many times. And now, the internet is dragging the mom of one for an innocent tweet regarding a new toy for her daughter.

YIKES! What does a biracial baby doll look like? Why not just get a black doll, they come in many shades.

Here is what Black Twitter had to say about this. One commenter was not thrilled with Kardashian's choice of words. "Catch these undertones... 'sweet looking biracial baby doll' Because the reg. black dolls look angry. And bc there are no dark complexioned biracial children. Whew the ignorance and micro aggressions," she wrote. YIKES! Khloe, next time just ask your bestie Malika, she’s black.