The Signs And Creativity

How do you spark some creative inspiration and what are some pitfalls you run into when working on a project? Check your sign for some helpful tips!


You are a spitfire, Aries. You always have something cooking. But be careful of keeping your focus. You may have issues finishing a project because something new will pop into your head. Take note from the Virgos and maybe set up a schedule.


Remember, Taurus, even you make mistakes! You must realize that there is room for improvement and just because you made a decision on a project doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way. Embrace change if you think it will be beneficial. 


Make a decision, Gemini! If you’re a Gem, odds are you are a very creative person. You have no issue finding inspiration. The problem you run into is your indecisiveness. Quite the opposite of your Taurus friends! Nothing will ever reach it’s potential if you don’t commit to your vision fully.


You are overflowing with creativity and emotions and that’s so amazing, Cancer. However, you may have a problem with organizing all you have to work with. Try some stream of conscious writing to find out what you really care about and how to fine-tune it.


You are the performer of the Zodiac, sexy Leo! You inspire creativity in others by just being around them. Keep doing what you’re doing. Never stop living life to the fullest and your inspiration will never run dry. Just keep in mind that creating doesn’t have to be all about you. Sharing anything means giving it to others. Remember to keep others in mind when you’re working.


Perfection doesn’t exist, Virgos! Say it with me! As a Virgo, I type this gritting my teeth. If you are constantly finessing something in efforts to achieve perfection, you may never give it to the world. You can’t wait until you’re ready, because you’ll never be ready. People tell me this all of the time. Good luck, Virgos!


You’re a people pleaser, Libra. You’re always politically correct and people really do love you. But creativity isn’t about being right. Try not to censor yourself when you’re working on a project. Not everyone likes everything. Work for yourself – not to please those around you.


Now, you Scorpios, are not people pleasers like the Libras before you. You really think you know what’s best. And maybe a lot of the time you do. You have a beautiful sense of intuition that’s unmatched. But you will find inspiration from listening to those around you. Really listen to other perspectives. It’ll excite you.  


You’re like a vessel for creativity, Sag. You can find it anywhere. However, you are noncommittal and fleeting. You may find yourself leaving a project too soon because “it’s not fun anymore” or “it became too much work.” Fight through it, Sag! Anything worth anything requires hard work.


You are organized and focused, Capricorn. You have all of the tools to create great things. You just have to make sure you actually take the time out of your busy schedule to seek things that inspire you. See movies, hang out with friends, go on a vacation, and see another part of the world.


You make so much good shit, Aquarius, and you never tell anybody about it! You work so hard and are full of good ideas. And you’re even brilliant at executing them. But for some reason you get oddly embarrassed to show what comes from the heart. Let that go and embrace the love you’ll receive for sharing.


Ah, Pisces, they call you the poet of the Zodiac. And you are. You are in touch with your emotions and have the maturity and understanding to express them. Never stop creating, Pisces, but remember that not everyone will love your art. You are sensitive and that affects you. Don’t take it to heart. It’s all part of the territory.