The Realest & The Coolest: Slick Woods

The American supermodel Slick Woods is defined by her "signature look, outspoken personality, and high-profile campaigns" as Elle Magazine said. Woods became famous through the Instagram platform where she racked up tons of followers launching her career. She confesses to the magazine,

"Kanye is the reason I have Instagram, though. When we first met, I step on his set and he’s like, 'How do you not have Instagram? No wonder you’re not a model yet. Get Instagram." In a way, thank you Kanye.

Woods is definitely one of the coolest girls in the industry. Her swagger is so defined that you cannot compare her to anyone. She has a distinctiveness, openness, and realness that just makes you love her. Wood inspires us with her rags to riches story. Growing up Woods experienced a lot at a young age. Her mother was incarcerated when she was 4 years old and was left to be cared for by her grandmother. After her grandmother got divorced they lived in and out of motels and cars. Her tough upbringing led her to drop out of high school at 17 and falling to drugs by the age of 19. It was in LA that Woods was living off the streets when model, Ash Stymest, spotted Woods. Stymest offered her some weed and asked if she ever did modeling. Later agents contacted her and she was on her way to being a part of a Yeezy campaign.

Today you can catch Woods’ bald head, gap teeth and tatted body in campaigns like that of Fenty X Puma, Mark Jacob, Calvin Klien, and tons more. She most recently had a baby boy, which she is enjoying life with, in Brooklyn. She tells Elle that having children is like building an army,

"You can create life; whatever you want that life to be. The more kids you have paying it forward, the more new ideas there will be. You have to get your army ready,"

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

Just in that statement, Woods encourages us to open our minds to new and different ideas. The more ideas we share the bigger are our chances of changing the world.  You have to be a special kind of energy to have Rihanna as a bestfriend and Erykah Badu as your doula.  She is true to herself and to her fans that is what makes her so cool, none of that fake wannabe stuff on her side.