The Most Dramatic Finale In Bachelor History

Last night’s Bachelor finale was something never seen before. After proposing to contestant Becca Kufrin, Arie realizes he is still in love with runner-up Lauren Burnham. In an extremely dramatic twist, Arie ultimately decides to end his short-lived engagement with Becca and try to further pursue his relationship with Lauren.

“I was in love with Lauren and it’s hard to separate that feeling of loss,” Arie said in an interview during the Bachelor finale. “With Becca, I feel an immense amount of guilt and it’s not fair for her to be in a relationship where someone is half in. I have to follow my heart.” “Just thinking of the possibility of something with Lauren is making me want to risk it all,” he continues. “I decided to call off the engagement and break up with Becca.”

The cameras follow Becca’s arrival to Los Angeles. She is excited to see her fiancé Arie and has no idea that her engagement is about to come to an end. In the uncomfortable unedited scene, Arie admits his feelings and that he wants to pursue a relationship with Lauren. Becca was completely blindsided and breaks down in tears until finally telling Arie to “just go.”

Becca will have the opportunity to say what she wants tonight as her, Arie and Lauren will all meet face-to-face in part two of the live Bachelor finale.

Gif taken from giphy

Gif taken from giphy