The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Beyonce's Spooky Screenshot

Beyonce's birthday was a few days ago, September 4, which in our heads is like a national holiday. As we all know she is very private, but she shared a few photos from her birthday along with a screenshot that fans can't stop talking about. Lets start off with spotting all the fours in this screenshot:

  1. The phone percentage is 44% I bet you didn't realize that.
  2. The time is 4:44pm 
  3. The date is September 4th
  4. Blue is her screensaver she has 4 letters in her name

How did she even capture this?! She is beyond perfect. Lets know in the comment section what other four's you spot.

Below is the birthday message she shared with fans. To see more of her photos from her birthday click here.