The Best Exercise Tips For Your Zodiac Sign

Are you getting bored of your usual work out routine? Tired of doing the same thing all the time? Or maybe you never really found a workout you actually enjoy. If you feel a little stuck when it comes to exercise maybe it’s worth consulting your astrological sign. Find a workout suited to your temperament. Here are my suggestions based on your sun sign! Xx



Cardio! Not sure if you’re aware but the part of the body ruled by Aquarius is the cardiovascular system! So you have all the power to do some kick ass cardio. Hit the treadmill or sign up for a class. You’re a very proactive sign; cardio will definitely keep you motivated.



Two words: Vinyasa Flow. Yoga is for you, Pisces. But not just any yoga - Vinyasa Flow. You’re a water sign and are full of emotional currents. Vinyasa not only takes care of your spirituality but also works your body in fluid motions. It should feel very natural to you.


You have a ton of energy, Aries, so a circuit training class may be the right fit for you. Definitely something that is lead by an instructor. It gives you a bunch of exercises working different things so you’ll never be bored!


Lifting! Don’t be afraid. Don’t think everyone who lifts has some body builder’s body. You are super strong mentally and have the capability to be physically. You have the right temperament to lift. You have the strength and the patience to keep improving and upping your weights.


You’re very social, Gemini! So classes are also great for you. And having a workout buddy will definitely make you excited about exercise. Try a fun dance based class with a friend. An aerial class, a chair dance, or even a pole dancing class. Something fun to keep you interested and fun to do with a friend.


You are full of emotions, Cancer. You, especially, need to be very attentive to your emotional health as well as your physical health. Kripalu yoga may be just the fix. You’ll go through a yoga flow paired with breathing and meditation techniques for a special emphasis on mental and emotional health.


You’re a star and you know it. If you haven’t already guessed it, Zumba is your cup of tea. A mix of dance, cardio, and sensuality is exactly the right exercise for your body and soul. It will work out your creativity, sensuality, and burn all those calories.


Pilates! You love a good plan, Virgo. Pilates is a great workout absolutely filled with details. Works your core and targets individual muscles. Your mind will rest easy knowing exactly what muscles you worked on. Pilates also incorporates breathing techniques to ensure you catch your breath, busy Virgo! 


You’re all about balance, Libra. You need an exercise routine that hits everything. You’d do well on a program like T25 where days are assigned to a different body part. By the end of the week, you’ll feel like everything has been worked.


Your intensity and passion can’t be matched by any other sign. Marathon training may be the right choice for you. You need a long-term goal, Scorpio. You have the passion and dedication to achieve it. Pick something to train for and get to it. Whether it’s a 5K or a Tough Mudder.


Not sure if you know it, Sag, but your thrive in the outdoors. It always seems to rejuvenate you. Why should working out be any different? If you run, run outside. Bundle up in the winter and rock a bright colored sports bra in the summer. Or take classes that are held outside in parks. You’ll feel more productive.


Swimming and cycling are great exercises for you, Capricorn. Capricorns often suffer from stiff joints so exercises that work on flowing range of motion are great for you. So use this as an excuse to join Soul Cycle or jump in a pool after work.