Teresa Guidice From RHONJ Faces The News Of Husbands Deportation Orders

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, returns for her ninth season but developments in her husband's case takes the drama off camera. The Guidice family is heart-broken with the news that husband and father, Joe Guidice, would face deportation upon his release from currently serving time in prison for tax fraud.

Teresa tells Daily Pop, "My daughters and myself are devastated over the news,"

Before Joe went away, it was Teresa who was serving her time while Joe stayed home taking care of their four daughters. It has been a tough four years with Teresa being away for 11-months and then Joe for 41-months. It is the children who hurt the most when their parents have to spend time away. However, the Guidice girls are stronger than ever, as they remain strong for each other.

Photo taken from Bravo TV

Photo taken from Bravo TV

"They adore their father, they need their father and they want him to come home,"

Aside from all the pain, the family says they are taking things one day at a time. The family only hope is to appeal the judges ruling and get Joe home for the sake of their daughters. Through it all, Joe is trying to stay positive as he hopes for the best for his family. The Guidices has decided to keep all negative thoughts far from their minds as they look to a happy future together.